One Direction Fans Attacked For Trolling Harry Styles Hater

Fans of Harry Styles and One Direction seem to draw the worst kind of attention from sections of the media. Between them, Styles and his bandmates have over 100 million followers on Twitter alone. When you spread their reach across all social media platforms the figures show that Harry and One Direction have over 200 million followers. Those numbers make One Direction fans a prime target for anyone trying to raise their profile. The problem is that many people seem to go out of their way to attract attention by stirring up controversy about Styles or the band.

As the whole world must know by now Harry is to feature in Christopher Nolan's World War Two epic Dunkirk and earlier this week an extra on the movie tried to grab his 15-minutes of fame by dissing Styles. One Direction fans had been asking questions about Styles on a Christopher Nolan fan forum when someone claiming to be an extra on the movie made comments that no One Direction fan is likely to take sitting down.

According to the Mirror Styles fans were less than impressed when the forum poster, using the name SuperDuty455 claimed that Harry wasn't "anything special" and making out he was a diva on set. Now it seems that the extra in question has lashed out at Harry's fans over their reaction to his posts and deleted his posts about Styles at the same time.
"The few fans of Harry who insult me because I don't tell them where he is, what is your objective?"

"First: I don't know at all where he is, I'm just an extra I'm not his agent!"

"And second: If I knew where he was I wouldn't have said because you have to let it breathe, it is a human not a machine huh."

"I have the feeling that the purpose of some fans is just to have a picture with Harry that's all. Sometimes I wonder if you are actually Harry's fans or if you just want a picture with him for publish it on social networks and to get the buzz going."

Apparently the original posts criticized Harry for using a golf buggy to get to the set while others walked. They also labelled Styles fans as "crazy."
Of course, no one should make excuses for the unsavory people who populate social media but neither should people be trying to boost their own popularity by revealing backstage secrets about Styles or anyone else who features in the movie. One Direction fans are unlikely to respond positively to what they see as an unwarranted attack on 22-year-old Harry and they are heartily sick of being labelled as "crazy."

That type of talk is disrespectful to the many millions of decent and honorable One Direction fans who are frequently attacked by some sections of the media. Let's face it, amongst a fandom of many millions there are bound to be a few bad apples who tarnish the good name of Harry's fans. There are bound to be some who see attacks on Styles as a personal insult to them and lash out as a response.

False stories about Styles and his bandmates are an almost daily occurrence and both Harry and Louis Tomlinson seem to attract a huge amount of undeserved negativity. Earlier this week Gossip Cop debunked claims that were being made that suggested that Zayn Malik was being encouraged to rejoin One Direction. As always, it seems to be the case the claims were made by a dubious source claiming to be close to Malik and Gigi Hadid.

Meanwhile, the Mirror reports that Dunkirk casting director John Papsidera praised Styles saying that he was "absolutely right" for the movie role.

"Harry was absolutely right for the role. As an actor he is unknown, but his readings made him an obvious choice. We thought he was fresh and interesting and he won the role."
Papsidera stated that Styles' profile as a pop star had nothing to do with his landing his first major acting role. As any One Direction fan will tell you Harry Styles is a talented young man who is using his time away from the band to explore other artistic outlets.

No one, least of all Styles, deserves to be the subject of disparaging comments for exploring his artistic boundaries.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]