Gabrielle Union Flaunts Her Bikini Body With Dwyane Wade And Jams With 'Bad Boys' Costar Jessica Alba

Gabrielle Union is loving the bikini weather in Miami. As reported by People, she and husband Dwyane Wade recently showed off their beach bodies in a beachside Instagram photo. Union also had some pre-summer fun hanging out with her workout buddy and Bad Boys spinoff costar, Jessica Alba. The girls enjoyed a little jam session together on the set of the new NBC series.

On Saturday, 45-year-old Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union took to Instagram to share a photo that encapsulates just how incredible her life is now that she and Dwyane Wade, 36, are back in Miami. She has a huge smile on her face in the snapshot, and she's rocking a blue and white striped bikini. Her shirtless NBA star husband has joined her to soak up some rays in front of a backdrop of blue water and palm trees. Wade is rocking a pair of dark blue swim trunks and shielding his eyes from the bright sun with a stylish straw hat.

In the caption of the photo, Gabrielle Union let her followers know just how happy she is to be back "home." As reported by USA Today, she couldn't contain her glee when Dwyane Wade was traded back to the Miami Heat earlier this year. From the sounds of it, Union doesn't miss the much colder climate in Cleveland at all.

"I love being home! I love being home!" she said in a recent Instagram story.

Getting to return home to Miami isn't the only great thing that has happened to Gabrielle Union in 2018. As reported by Deadline, NBC greenlit the Bad Boys TV series pilot that she's starring in. She's reprising her role as Bad Boys II character Special Agent Syd Burnett, and the spinoff is getting an extra dose of girl power from her co-star, Jessica Alba. The Sin City actress is playing Burnett's partner.

Union and Alba are currently filming the pilot, and both actresses recently gave their Instagram followers a look at what the Bad Boys stars do when they get a break from pretending to bust bad guys. In a short video that they both shared on their Instagram pages, they're chilling in a car and lip syncing along to the Timbaland & Magoo song "Luv 2 Luv Ya."

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba don't just work together, they also work out together. As reported by Men's Health, Alba has said that she sometimes works out three times a day to maintain her fit physique. However, she admitted that watching Union sweat it out gives her major exercise envy.

"I was feeling really good about myself until I saw this hottie come in here with all of her fashions and her abs and her dimples," she said of her costar in an Instagram story.

So what does Gabrielle Union do to get her incredible bikini body? As reported by Shape, she's given her Instagram followers an inside look at one of her circuit workouts, and it's no walk in the park. Some of the exercises included in one of her intense training sessions are box pistol squats, box jumps, and sled pushes.

Based on how hard she and her fellow fitness fanatic work out, it looks like Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba should have no problem chasing down criminals on their Bad Boys TV spinoff.