Justin Bieber Falls Through Trap Door On Stage, Social Media Laughs It Up [Video]

Justin Bieber unceremoniously ate it at a concert in Saskatoon, Canada on Thursday. The Biebs fell through a trap door at the end of the stage while chatting up his fans after his set. This was no tiny tumble, either. Justin Bieber fell straight through the door and the impact was pretty loud. If you check out the video below, you can see him smack his chin on the edge of the opening as he falls through.

While Justin Bieber was reportedly uninjured in the epic fall, at least according to TMZ, it was a pretty nasty spill. When he recovered his wits, he told his captive audience that he'd landed on his feet "like a cat."

Check it out.

While Justin Bieber may not have suffered any lasting injuries, you can clearly see that it takes him a moment or two to shake off his trap door tumble after pulling himself back onto the stage.

To give credit where credit is due, Bieber definitely made sure that the show went on. He kept entertaining his fans despite a bit of a limp and despite, in his own words, a fall that "scared the [expletive deleted] out of" him.

Here it is from another angle. Again, not the most graceful of moments, but Justin Bieber does handle his epic and embarrassing fall like a champ and the professional that he is.

Here the little gaffe is from a different angle.

Following the trap door fall, Justin Bieber was obviously feeling well enough to bounce (or at least slowly stumble) back up, and because it was clear that his biggest injury was to his pride, social media pounced on the "Baby" singer, collectively giving him the business for his uncharacteristic clumsiness.

Some people were downright nasty, not surprisingly.
And a few even had some nice things to say about Justin Bieber and his very public stumble.
As Bustle reports, Justin Bieber really did take the entire situation in stride after he unceremoniously disappeared from sight. Surely from the vantage point of the audience beyond the front row, Bieber's fall would have looked like a legit magical disappearing act - poof and he's gone, and as one Bustle writer called it "the funniest thing" he'd seen all week.

The one thing that probably saved Justin Bieber from actual injury when he fell through the gaping hole (how he didn't see it no one knows, probably the glare of the lighting) was that he was casually strolling when the floor disappeared out from under him. If he'd been dancing, things might have ended much differently.

Fortunately for Justin and his crowd of adoring and shocked fans, he sprung up from the hole in the floor like some kind of pop idol Jack-in-the-box, so there wasn't a lot of time to worry about his well-being.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for iHeartRadio / Turner]Especially since Justin Bieber was actually joking about his terrifying fall from virtually the moment he reappeared from the depths of the hole that appeared to swallow him up.
"Good thing I'm like a cat and I landed on my feet."
Not all of Justin Bieber's words about his unexpected fall were precisely PG, though.
"Oh my lord. That scared the f**k outta me."
Indeed, Justin. Indeed.

While Justin Bieber's epic (and epically funny) fall has gotten a lot of attention over the last couple of days, the singer's upcoming Orlando show has been getting a bit of play as well.

Following the tragic Orlando terrorist attack and the senseless murder of Christina Grimmie just the day before, many Justin Bieber fans had been asking the performer if he was going to cancel his Orlando performance.

Justin addressed the questions on his Twitter feed.

So, there you have it folks. Justin Bieber fell through a hole in the stage and emerged to make sure the show would go on. Justin Bieber stands with Orlando. He won't be canceling his show in the face of terrorism. Even though he recently made like Alice and and went down the rabbit hole, Justin Bieber is an awesome performer and it's no wonder he's beloved by his fans.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]