Ed Swiderski Cheating on Jillian Harris with 2 different women

Looks like reality TV star Ed Swiderski has been caught red-handed cheating with no less than two different women since proposing to girlfriend Jillian Harris back in May.

Just eight days after proposing, Ed allegedly slept with his ex girlfriend, Lindsey Johnson. Then the very next day, he bumped uglies with Bethany Steffen, right after texting her to bring condoms when she was on her way over to his house.

So how did we find out Ed Swiderski has been cheating? Well it appears that the two women mentioned above, Lindsey Johnson and Bethany Steffen, happened to get together and compare notes. When they found out that they had been sleeping with the same guy and he had been less than straight-up about their encounters, they went to the press to expose the cheat and warn Ed’s fiance, Jillian Harris of what she’s getting herself into if she stays with him.

According to US Magazine:

But Steffen warns Harris, “Lindsey and I are both smart girls, and Ed just has this way of making people believe what he wants. Jillian needs to be careful.”

Adds Johnson, “I feel gross, used and completely violated. It shocks me that he was able to do something like that to me.”