WWE News: Former WWE Star Daniel Bryan Helping Nikki Bella With New Finisher

We all know by now that Nikki Bella has missed the better part of a year due to a neck issue that required surgery. The hope has been that she could return this summer, but it truly all hinged on how she healed and in what way she healed as well. If all things go according to plan, the thought is that we could see her make her return to the ring in July. Despite this, she will never be back full-time. Doctors have mentioned that she can do off and on work, but nothing like before.

Many asked what actually caused her neck issue, as she was working matches alright. Her finishing move, the "rack attack," was the reason for the injury. It makes total sense when you see how the move is done. Nikki Bella will put a girl on her shoulders in a torture rack hold, only to then fall on her knees to send a shockwave upon landing. The hope in the move is that the force would then hurt the girl upon landing. Of course, in real life, the person who took the brunt of the move was actually Nikki herself.

She would take all the force of a girl's body on her upper back/neck area each time she landed. While it looked like it hurt her opponent, it actually did more long-term damage to Nikki herself. With all of this said, Nikki can no longer do her finishing move. This meant that if she was cleared to return to the ring, she would need a new finish. Of course, she does have her elbow smash move, but most feel she could stand to add more moves to her move-set, especially something new.

Nikki Rack Attack
[Image via WWE]Enter Daniel Bryan. The brother-in-law to Nikki Bella and former WWE Superstar has been helping Bella with her wrestling as well as her new finisher, as she recently wrote on her Instagram account. She said the following regarding the situation.
"Yesterday I got to train with my brother in law @bryanldanielson He's such a wrestling genius! He taught me a lot technically yesterday and even helped me with my new finisher. Can't wait to get cleared and train even more with him. Can't get aggressive yet with my training but goodness I'm yearning to get back in that ring! July can't come quick enough! It's going to be a tough road, but I love challenges! I don't want easy. I want to overcome what no one thinks I can. You can't take passion away from someone. If anything you just give them more fire to prove you wrong!???????????? #stayfearless #fearlessnikki#summertime #strongerthanyesterday #nevergiveup"
She gave us a couple interesting things in the post. Not only if she training to get better in the ring, but she's also telling us that the timetable for her return in July looks to be right on schedule. The fact that she's learning from Daniel Bryan is obviously a good thing. Bryan is known for being an amazing in-ring technician. The man knows more holds than possibly everyone, and he even knows counters to those holds.

Team Bella
[Image via WWE]Clearly, Bryan is the perfect person to help Bella. The fact that he is married to her sister Brie Bella is also helpful to Nikki, as she can easily use the family thing over his head if he doesn't feel like being in a ring is good for him at the present time. Many have recommended to Bryan that he should get into training upcoming wrestlers, as he would be the perfect person to learn from. Bryan needed to step away for a while, as the retirement from active competition took a tole.

He was at the NXT tapings a week ago, telling us that he is able to be around the wrestling world once more. Could Nikki Bella just be the first in a long line of people that Daniel Bryan trains? Some feel he will eventually join the coaches at WWE's Performance Center and train the developmental talent. It is a waiting game for now, but the hope is that he does get involved in training people.

As for Nikki Bella, one would imagine that her new finisher will be something interesting. We can also imagine that her move-set will have improved as well. We could be seeing an entirely new Nikki Bella when she comes back to the ring. Does that mean a future WWE Women's Championship win? That is always possible.

[Image via WWE]