‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Possible Plot Leak Rumor [Major Potential Spoilers]

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead!.

Do not proceed to read this article if you do not want to read spoilers about Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Star Wars Episode VIII potential plot leak [Photo by pio3 /Shutterstock.com]It is possible that the plot of Star Wars: Episode VIII was leaked, sources say. An alleged Star Wars production insider claims to be a member of production at Pinewood Studios and recently leaked knowledge of the episode’s plot. Who is this Star Wars insider? He calls himself KY10REY.

KY10REY has previously leaked accurate information about Star Wars, including the scouting sets in Ireland two months prior to it happening. KY10REY also announced that Adam Driver was going to be a part of the Ahch-To shoot in Ireland. He specified the location of the shoot and Adam did, indeed, arrive just one week later.

Now, KY10REY came forward with the plot of Star Wars: Episode VIII. Why wouldn’t we trust him since he has provided accurate insider details before?

Let’s discuss what KY10REY said about the shoot in Ireland before we get into the new details. The Ireland filming was scheduled for four days, just in case the weather decided to be non-cooperative. Fortunately, the weather was nice and filming went just as planned. In fact, since it did not rain, KY10REY announced they had to use a specialized vehicle to create rain-like effects during what is being presumed as the climactic battle between the Knights of Ren and Luke and Rey. KY10REY did not deny or confirm this claim.

The waterfall at Malin Head will be shown briefly, but the whole scene was not actually shot in Ireland, but somewhere else. KY10REY revealed that part of the crew went to Italy and Germany to scout locations for the Han Solo anthology film.

Now let’s move on to the juicy details about the plot of Star Wars: Episode VIII. All Star Wars fan are interested to know who Rey really is. It would be too easy to assume that she is the daughter of Luke Skywalker. The plot revealed may just answer this question.


KY10REY first discusses the Jedi Council and labels them as arrogant. The scene begins with Rey holding Luke’s hands and they see a past vision of two children, a boy and a girl, playing near a mysterious tree. KY10REY mentions that this tree was older than the Jedi. When the boy goes near the tree, his strength increases. One day, the boy and girl begin fighting and it seems as though he kills her, but she is still alive. The boy, now “transformed” after he touches the tree, goes on to kill his parents and leave the planet. The girl, who was believed to be dead, was also “transformed” and creates the first Jedi Order.

The girl will return eventually as either girl or boy and will be “The One,” which Luke believes to be Anakin. A vision of Rey’s parents were also revealed, which showed Rey as being strong in the force as a young girl. She was destined to undergo training, but never ended up there. Luke gives Rey until sundown to make a decision, and then either Ren or Kylo and his knights show up.

Well, there you have it. While all of this seems very possible to be the plot of Star Wars: Episode VIII, we will have to wait and see. Star Wars: Episode VIII will be in theaters in six months with a release date of December 15, 2016. Take a look at the most recent trailer for Star Wars: Episode VIII.

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