‘Change’ Singer Christina Aguilera Donates Proceeds To Victims’ Families

Like many of us, singer Christina Aguilera has been deeply affected by the recent shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and Aguilera is hoping to offer some aid to the victims of the tragic event, as well as to the families of those who died during the shooting. Christina has dedicated her song “Change,” to the victims and revealed in a statement that profits garnered by the single will go to the victims.

“Change” Is Christina Aguilera’s Tribute To The Victims Of The Orlando Shooting

“Change” is the newest single from Aguilera, and the song’s themes of diversity and acceptance seem to come hauntingly at a time just after the Orlando shootings has spotlighted the hate and prejudices mainstream society openly expresses towards the LGBT community. The Christina Aguilera song urges each of us to “stand tall, be proud and lift your voices/ Let ’em know who we are and our choices/ And one day we won’t have to sing this chorus,” reaffirming everyone’s right to live a life free from discrimination, hate, and violence.

Ms. Aguilera has made “Change” available through iTunes, and all downloads between June 17 and September 14 will go toward benefiting the families of Orlando victims, via the National Compassion Fund.

As stated by the National Compassion Fund’s website, the organization will deliver 100 percent of the money received, including Aguilera’s donations, to victims of the Orlando shooting. The site also says that the donations will be held separately from general donations to the National Center for Victims of Crime and that they are working in close collaboration with Equality Florida, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization for the state, to ensure transparency in the distribution of funds.

Currently, the National Compassion Fund is accepting snail mail donations, but the website states that donations via text messaging will soon be available.

Christina Aguilera Expresses Her Sorrow And Sympathy For The Orlando Shooting Victims

Ms. Aguilera posted a statement explaining her motivation for dedicating “Change” to the Orlando shooting victims, which, in part, speaks of Christina’s deep sorrow that shootings of this nature are occurring with such regularity. Christina says that her hope is for a future free from persecution of those of a different culture or orientation.

“I want to help be part of the change this world needs to make it a beautiful inclusive place where humanity can love each other freely and passionately,” Aguilera’s statement says in the opening paragraph.

Christina goes on to express the confusion and duality seen in our society on a daily basis, all stemming from the hate some groups feel for others just for pursuing happiness and love in its infinite forms.

“We live in a time of diversity, in a time of endless possibilities, in a time where expression of oneself is something to be celebrated,” Aguilera writes. “And I am left wondering how people filled with so much love could be taken by so much hate.”

Ms. Aguilera goes on to quote Nelson Mandela, as she urges everyone, regardless of race, religious belief, and sexual orientation, to rid ourselves of the hate, which is currently tearing apart our society and destroying the individuals, families, communities, and nations of the world. Christina reminds us in her statement that hate is learned through our associations and that it’s up to everyone to break the cycle.

“We all have the choice to spread love, encourage individuality and make a difference to others – we are all in this together, as one, united in love,” Ms. Aguilera writes. “Sending all my love, thoughts and prayers.”

“Change” was co-written by Christina Aguilera along with Flo Reutter and Jake Hagood.

[Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]