Kylie Jenner: Tyga Or No Tyga? Here’s The Truth & Why He’s Hurt

Kylie Jenner hasn’t exactly been clear about her relationship status after she broke up with Tyga. While she was seen putting on a very intense PDA with PartyNextDoor, there are also sources that have stated that the Keeping Kardashians Kardshians star and Tyga are back together. So, what is true and what’s false? Who is Kylie Jenner really dating?

Hollywood Life has stated that Kylie Jenner isn’t exactly “serious” about PartyNextDoor, and that’s one of the reasons family and friends are shocked to see how they are being so public about their relationship. “Friends and family are actually surprised how all over him she is,” People magazine had stated.

Sources have stated that the reason Kylie Jenner is getting so close to PartyNextDoors is because she knows it would make Tyga jealous. “She knew making out with PartyNextDoor at Drake’s Memorial Day party would make Tyga crazy jealous,” an insider told exclusively. “That gave her a big rush.”

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The sources have gone on to say that Kylie Jenner’s relationship with PartyNextDoor has hurt her ex-boyfriend a lot. “Tyga doesn’t have a good memory because when Kylie connected with PartyNextDoor, they were done. Kylie’s not like Tyga when it comes to breaking up. There’s no ambiguity or blurred lines. They were done! Kylie doesn’t believe in cheating and stepping out when she’s in a relationship. Tyga’s hurt. He’s trying to trash Kylie’s name and brand by saying she’s a cheater,” the source continued.

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And it looks like while Kris Jenner is happy that Kylie is having fun, she definitely doesn’t want her daughter to get hurt. “The last thing Kris wants is to see Kylie hurt again,” another source revealed to exclusively.

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Kris doesn’t want Kylie getting serious. “She’s happy that Kylie’s enjoying herself, but she’s been encouraging her to not jump into a serious relationship with anyone.”

However, there are some publications that have suggested something else. Teen Voguehas reported that Kylie Jenner made a Snapchat video with friend Harry Hudson, pretending to be dating him. However, it doesn’t look like anyone is taking the clip seriously. While there are reports to suggest that Kylie Jenner is probably getting close to other guys, OK magazine has reported that Tyga and Kylie are probably getting back together. The publication has also posted pictures of the two.

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And, it looks like Tyga and Kylie Jenner had a pretty awkward encounter at a club. However, that’s not changing her chemistry with PartyNextDoor. Hollywood Life has stated that PartyNextDoor and Kylie are texting each other a lot and that both are into each other.


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However, it’s clear that Kylie Jenner doesn’t have a lot of good words to say about Tyga. Radar Online has reported that Kylie Jenner has hired a private detective to keep watch on Tyga. The publication has said that she’s sad he was allegedly cheating most of the time. “She buried her head in the sand and refused to believe he was unfaithful most of the time, and the times she busted him he always managed to convince her he never actually slept with anyone,” an insider told Radar.

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Sources stated that Tyga had probably slept with at least 100 other girls while the two were officially together. “Kylie now believes that Tyga slept with at least 100 other girls while she was dating him, and she’s having a very hard time with it,” claimed the source.

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Do you think Kylie Jenner and Tyga are over each other? Do you think Kylie Jenner will ever consider getting back with Tyga? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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