Does Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Daughter North Really Have Her Own Glam Squad?

Kim and Kanye’s daughter North has her own glam squad and her parents are paying a lot of money for it. Well, that’s what the print edition of Life & Style wants you to believe. Gossip Cop summarized their story.

“‘Taking a bad picture isn’t an option for North West,’ writes Life & Style, which claims Kardashian has ‘hired the tot her own $5,000-per-week glam squad.’ A so-called ‘source’ is quoted as saying, ‘North has a wardrobe stylist, hairstylist and manicurist to doll her up every day.”‘

The alleged snitch also says that North loves having her hair and nails done, so the squad keeps her happy. Life & Style claims that Kardashian isn’t really concerned about spoiling the preschooler and thinks the money will be well spent for a future superstar. However, as Gossip Cop explains, the story is completely fabricated.

North West Kardashian

“If anyone’s helping North go ‘glam,’ it’s her famous mom or Kardashian’s own stylists. And while some parents may disapprove, Gossip Cop finds it far more disturbing that a tabloid would go after a 3-year-old, and on her birthday no less. A rep for Kardashian exclusively tells us the Life & Style story is both ridiculous and ‘absolutely false,” defiantly claims gossip buster Shari Weiss.

One thing that is definitely true about North West is the fact that she celebrated her third birthday at Disneyland. USA Today has the news.

“Reigning shade queen North West ushered in her third birthday at Disneyland — ‘the place where dreams come true’ — Wednesday and apparently, it was a royal affair. Kardashian-West shared snapshots from the fairytale celebration, including one of North in a billowing, embellished pink gown, silk gloves and a tiny crown.”

TMZ has a similar report on North West’s visit and, unfortunately, some of the comments about the Kardashian-West family after the article are very mean.

“The alligator should eat both of those fat pork rinds,” shamelessly states Derek.

“Why didn’t they come to Florida so the gators could eat them? Although he’d probably spit Kanye out,” claims Richard Rinker.

Although most of the negative comments on TMZ are aimed at Kim and Kanye, some people still can’t hold back from making nasty comments about North. Things are even worse on Twitter.

Perhaps most people don’t really have anything against North West and are just using her to rage at Kim and Kanye. No matter how popular her parents are, they are also despised by many. In fact, the tabloid media and the social media universe are just praying for them to get a divorce. The latest report has the couple preparing for a $1 billion divorce.

Gossip Cop recently summarized a report on the divorce from the print edition of Star.

“But here we have Star blaring ‘Kim & Kanye Divorce!’ and ‘$1 Billion At Stake’ on the cover of Wednesday’s new edition. Inside the magazine, two headlines announce, ‘Kim Lawyers Up’ and ‘Quitting Kanye.’ It’s further said, ‘Fed up after two years of nonstop tantrums, tirades and meltdowns, Kim wants to pull the plug on her marriage.’”

As usual, Gossip Cop put the brakes on the story, noting that this isn’t the first time tabloids have tried to make up divorce rumors that include a lot of money. It’s probably a good thing that North West is still very young and separated from the tabloid blood bath surrounding her parents.

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