Amy Schumer Takes A Stand And Edits Gun Violence From Her Own Film

Amy Schumer has been outspoken about her opinions on gun violence, ever since she received word of a shooting at a theater in which her 2015 film, Trainwreck, had been showing and now it seems Schumer is taking an even more active stance on the issue of gun control. Putting her money where her mouth is, Amy has decided to eliminate scenes of gun violence from her new film, the currently untitled film, which is only described as a “mother-daughter action comedy” and is written by Schumer herself.

Orlando Pulse Shooting Prompts Amy Schumer To Remove Gun Violence From Her Own Film


Following the tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, comedian Amy Schumer has decided to remove a scene from her upcoming film, because the scene involved a gun being shot into a crowd of people and Schumer felt the imagery was disrespectful so soon after the attacks. This isn’t Amy’s only act to limit gun violence and change the way America addresses the issue of gun responsibility. She has recently appeared with her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer.

“Gun violence is ripping apart America; it’s ripping apart our families,” Amy said at a joint press conference with Senator Schumer.

Some might say that Amy Schumer has been more affected by gun violence than anyone, except perhaps the families of victims. Schumer has changed much of her content to bring awareness to the problems of gun violence in America and to try to influence policy change by teaming up with Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit organization. Amy has also brought the issues surrounding the gun control debate to her Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer.

One Inside Amy Schumer skit featured a scene in which a home shopping channel received a call from a suspected terrorist hoping to buy firearms over the phone, exposing a real life loophole to the regulations surrounding the purchase of firearms via telephone and the internet.

Schumer also posed a selfie in which she appeared wearing no underwear and an orange bra to promote June 2’s National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Trainwreck Star Amy Schumer Finds Love And She Couldn’t Be Happier

Schumer finds that, as important as fighting for change in issues as important as gun violence is, she also needs to find time for moments of joy and happiness. Amy reveals that she’s found such moments with her new boyfriend, Chicago furniture designer Ben Hanisch, who she has been dating since January.

“We’re in love,” Amy gushed. “And we’re still in total honeymoon phase. It’s a real relationship. Who knows what will happen, but we’re real good right now.”

Schumer reveals that she was sexually active in her teens, though she says she wasn’t promiscuous, unlike her Catholic school friends. Amy was as candid as ever, when she says she loved being around her sexually promiscuous friends, but adds that she didn’t have sex herself until she was 17-years-old.

“And then in my sophomore year, I probably had sex with six guys, and I was like, Maybe I’m like Samantha in Sex and the City and I’ll just keep this train movin’ so that I don’t get attached to anybody,” revealed Schumer. “And you won’t believe this, but that did not work out. But I always thought that sex was funny. I was always interested in it.”

Amy says her unusual sex drive motivates her in producing her own brand of comedy, as well. She says she prefers to make up her own rules as she goes along, which Schumer feels is infinitely better than succeeding at the game as it has already been defined by others.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]