June 17, 2016
Singer Meat Loaf Collapses on Stage, Is In Recovery

Singer Meat Loaf is in recovery after collapsing in the middle of one of his songs while on tour. At the time of Meat Loaf's collapse, some thought it was a part of the act, but sooner rather than later, people realized it was a serious issue. The singer laid down on stage at Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in Edmonton, and he was then rushed to the hospital.

After Meat Loaf's collapse hit the news, many fans were worried that this was a sign of 2016, and that the singer's health crises might be fatal. Fans immediately rushed to Twitter with their concerns.

This concern is not unfounded, as the year of 2016 has seen the deaths of music legends like David Bowie and Prince. That said, Meat Loaf's representative reassured fans that the singer was going to make a speedy recovery.

In a statement, his publicist said that Meat Loaf will make a "speedy and full recovery. His vital signs are stable and normal — he's responsive and recovering well. He extends his heartfelt thanks for everyone's support and well wishes, and is expecting a speedy and full recovery."

Fans had concern over Meat Loaf's health because of his past history. Meat Loaf recently canceled a concert in Calgary earlier in the week due to an undisclosed illness.

Additionally, back in 2013, Meat Loaf canceled a concert in Europe due to an unspecified illness. On the musician's Facebook, he wrote a personal note to the fans that were looking forward to seeing him perform.

"Nottingham, We are very sorry to announce that tonight's performance has had to be postponed due to medical reasons afflicting several members of the band. We will be back though and will be back Monday May 20th, 2013. Meat and everyone in the band and crew send love and apologies and thanks you for understanding."
The singer once said of his health problems, "I outweigh Mick Jagger by about 100 pounds and that counts for something. He hasn't seen the wear and tear."

Jagger is of course the lead singer for The Rolling Stones, and has toured constantly at the age of 72-years-old. Many critics have hailed the singer for being in tip top shape and for his stamina at his age.

Back in 2013, Meat Loaf said that he was doing a farewell tour, and that he wouldn't be "roped" back in.

"It's just the travel. It takes it out of you. I want to concentrate more on acting. That's where I started and that's where I'll finish. This time, they're not going to rope me back in."
Of his ailments, he told The Guardian that he's had 18 concussions, and knee replacements.
"Two weeks before the knee surgery, I literally couldn't walk from the bedroom to the kitchen. They took me to the hospital in an ambulance to get my knee replaced. And when they did, it was so damaged and torn up it's going to take a year to come back."
Currently, he's on a Canadian tour that ends in July, but no one knows if he's going to continue with the tour.

[AP Photo/Charles Dharapak]