Eli Manning signs a huge deal

Apparently Eli Manning has not learned a thing for Alex Rodriguez another star player with a huge contract who happens to also play in New York. The sports fans in New York are fast to criticize when a player doesn’t perform, and even faster to criticize when said player is signed to a huge contract.

Even though Eli has brought a Super Bowl Title to the city of New York, Giants fans have never truly embraced him as they have other Giants QB such as Phil Simms. toady the Giants signed Eli to a 6 year 97.5 million, with 35 million guaranteed, contract extension. Giants fans will want another Super Bowl title as the pay off, if they don’t get it it is very likely they will turn on Eli and run him out of town.

New York is one of those places were only the very best, mentally tough players can play. The sports figures of New York are under so much Media scrutiny that it can break many of them. In the case of Pitcher Randy Johnson it broke him before he ever threw a pitch wearing Yankees pin stripes.

While Eli has done a fair job dealing with the media circus in New York, one really has to wonder if he is tough enough to deal with the new level of scrutiny that is going to come with this new contract. It is not on Eli to stand and deliver.