Drew Peterson Trial: Attorneys Deliver Closing Arguments, Peterson’s Fate In Jury’s Hands

The Drew Peterson trial has gone to the jury after attorneys for both sides delivered closing arguments on Tuesday in the case charging Peterson with the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Savio was found dead in her dry, clean bathtub on March 1, 2004, and Peterson’s fate will be deliberated by the jury starting on Wednesday morning, reports CNN.

While prosecutors have said that common sense should lead the jury to a guilty verdict, an attorney for the accused former Chicago-area police sergeant said that the prosecution failed to prove that a murder even took place.

Prosecutor Chris Koch spoke with the jurors on Tuesday, saying:

“I ask you to keep in mind common sense, common sense. Because it is clear that this man murdered Kathleen Savio.”

Drew Peterson’s trial answers to two charges of first degree murder for which he has pleaded not guilty. The two murder charges say that Peterson intentionally killed Savio and also engaged in behavior that led to her death.

ABC News notes that the defense counters the murder charges by saying that Savio accidentally fell, hit her head, and drowned in the bathtub. Defense attorney Joe Lopez added that 300 people die in bathtub mishaps each year. Lopez stated:

“People slip and have household accidents all the time … at least 1.6 people out of a million die in the bathtub. And she was the one. And they want to make it a murder. The framers of the Constitution would barf at this evidence,” he told the jury. “There’s nothing but doubt in this case. People get on the TV and lie, just like they do in this courtroom. … People lie when it’s for their own agenda.”

Koch answered by saying:

“We have left-front injuries, left-side injuries, left-back injuries, right injuries, right and left injuries. So it’s not just one side of her body; it’s multiple sides, four sides. How can you get that in one fall? You can’t. You can’t do it. It’s not possible.”

Jury deliberations in the Drew Peterson trial will determine if Peterson is innocent or guilty in the death of his ex-wife.