Susan Boyle’s extreme makeover

Not the kind with scalpels and stuff, though.

Ms. Never-Been-Kissed Boyle’s been polished up a bit since her April debut on Britain’s Got Talent. As everyone who has ever been near a computer witnessed, Boyle was laughed at by the crowd and tittered at by the show’s staff until she belted out a stunning performance of the Les Mis favorite “I Dreamed a Dream.” Boyle’s backstory of being dull and dreary in a dull and dreary place and getting old alone after shelving her dreams to care for her ailing parents touched as much of a nerve as her stunning voice.

Susan’s definitely stayed in the spotlight long enough to have transcended the title of viral video star, and seeing her all dolled up definitely elicits a little bit of an aww feeling, like her Cinderella moment is finally complete. But Boyle still hasn’t adjusted to the inanity that is magazine interviews (surprising being that she’s a Brit and they invented celeb worship)- in the Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot/interview, she had this to say about her sleeper hit rise to fame:

“It will take a bit of adjusting to because I’ve led a sheltered life, I know. I’ve got life experience, but mentally I have to adjust. But it’s all good. All good.” Is she glad she did it, auditioned for the show? She looks at me in amazement. “Come on!” she chides. “It goes without saying. Come on now!”

Also, it’s driving me crazy that she looks like someone and I can’t place it. Ally Sheedy? I don’t think so. Any suggestions?