‘Teen Mom 2’ Corey Simms And Wife Miranda Are Doing Great, Despite Divorce Reports

Corey Simms and his wife, Miranda, were faced with rumors of a possible divorce earlier this month, but luckily, the reports of a Teen Mom 2 split were not correct.

According to a new report, Corey Simms and his wife are not only still together, they’re doing great as they enter the fourth year of their marriage.

“There’s no truth to any of that,” an insider confirmed to Radar Online on June 17, adding that someone claiming to be Corey Simms spread the rumor through a fake Facebook account. “They’re doing great.”

Corey Simms and his wife Miranda’s 7-month-old daughter, Remington Monroe, is also doing “very well,” the source revealed.

Corey Simms began dating Miranda several months after splitting from his first wife, Leah Messer, and in December, 2012, they became engaged. Then, after tying the knot in June, 2013, the couple endured hardship after it was revealed that Corey Simms had engaged in an affair with Messer, the mother of his 6-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah.

While fans were unaware of the affair until Corey Simms came clean during the Teen Mom 2 Season 6 finale last year, the incident was said to have taken place in late 2013, just months after Corey Simms’ wedding and over a year and a half after Messer married second husband Jeremy Calvert (Calvert also claimed Messer cheated on him in 2014 with her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd, who was ironically the same man Messer cheated on Simms with just before marrying him in 2010).

Although Calvert ultimately filed for divorce, leaving Messer as a single mother of 3, Corey Simms and wife Miranda worked through the affair and in November, 2015, they welcomed their first child together, daughter Remi.

Throughout the past couple of seasons, Corey Simms and Miranda have been at odds with Leah Messer due to their ongoing custody battle and after Teen Mom 2 Season 6 featured the pair confronting Messer about an alleged drug problem (Calvert also spoke of Messer’s alleged pill problem), they chose to take on lesser roles on the series.

“[Corey Simms] feels MTV did him dirty,” a friend of Simms explained to Radar Online in March, adding that Simms believed producers had let Messer off easy when it came to her bad behavior on the show. “He thinks they had the perfect opportunity to show viewers, ‘This is what happens when you get on drugs, this is the reality.’ Instead, they made it seem like Corey was constantly attacking Leah for no reason.”

During the sixth season, Messer was seen nodding out while holding a baby and Corey Simms claimed his daughter Aleeah had told him that she had been forced to cook breakfast for herself in the morning due to Messer not waking up.

“[Corey Simms] told MTV just what he thought about the situation, and said that he and Miranda would not film nearly as much as in past seasons,” the friend revealed. “Producers understood.”

One month later, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup confirmed Corey Simms and Miranda also opted out of the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 reunion that filmed in April.

“There was really no reason for Leah’s guys to go this time,” their source revealed. “Last time, Jeremy’s segments didn’t even air. It’s a huge effort to fly across country for them, since they are in West Virginia, arrange for child care, take off work, etc, just for a weekend of shooting. They don’t care about the free trip or anything at this point. They’d rather stay home.”

[Photo via Corey Simms/Twitter]