June 17, 2016
EJ Johnson, Son Of Magic, Talks 'EJNYC' And Fighting With His Sister Over A Boy

EJ Johnson, star of E!'s Rich Kids and youngest son of former NBA star Magic Johnson makes the move to New York City for his new series, EJNYC. Though he has spent most of his time in Los Angeles, the move to New York has offered an exciting change in terms of lifestyle and fashion. EJ is also commenting on his sister Elisa's boyfriend, who he insists flirted with him first over the summer in France, and so EJ is calling him a loser.

According to the Inquisitr, EJ Johnson is incredibly outspoken, and resents the conversation that because he likes to bend the gender rules, he must be transitioning. EJ Johnson acknowledges that he is gay, and loves revealing fashion, but that does not mean he wants to be a woman. EJ, who like his father, Magic Johnson, is also named Earvin, calls those who think they know him "ignorant" and "hater."

E! says that though EJ Johnson grew up in Los Angeles, he loves New York, and EJNYC will celebrate his love for both cities.
"I love both cities equally, they're both home to me now."
EJ says that Los Angeles is more laid back, but New York has a certain fierceness that appeals to him. EJ Johnson says that he enjoys the difference between the chill and the gritty.

"Obviously, New York is just very in your face. It's very unforgiving. It's very fashion. It's very edgy."

EJ says that is why he likes to go back and forth, and appreciates the juxtaposition. EJ explains that the contrast is best seen in the difference between his squads from Rich Kids and EJNYC.
"I think my New York friends are a little more upfront about stuff. They never have a problem sharing their opinions. I think my L.A. friends are a little more reserved. They'll give you a more silent shade than just telling you what's going on, but it all ends up being drama anyway!"
But according to Too Fab, EJ is not just talking about his current tale of two cities, EJ is dishing about his sister Elisa's boyfriend, Anthony, who EJ calls "a loser." It seems in France, both EJ and Elisa were flirting with the same guy. In a scene in EJNYC, EJ and Elisa are fighting over Anthony, who is now Elisa's boyfriend.

In the scene, Elisa is saying that she meant his current man in France, and she says "he is fine." But EJ says that he's a loser, and explains why.

"I met Anthony over the summer when I was vacationing in the South of France. We flirted, made plans to hook up and after that I started to notice that he was talking a lot with Elisa in the corner. And then the man who led me on is now like hooking up with my sister and I'm supposed to be OK with it?"

EJ explains that only in 2016 can a brother and a sister have problems over the same man. EJ said that this is the first time this has happened, but he thinks it will be funny for fans to see the process. He says that he and Elisa love each other, and that won't change.

But E! said that EJ still wants Elisa to cut it off with the boyfriend that romanced them both. Both EJ and Elisa are strong personalities, and though Elisa is still interested in Anthony, EJ wants her to cut it off. Though EJ is no longer into Anthony, he is still upset about the whole ordeal.

EJNYC premieres this Sunday on E!.

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