Kris Jenner Already Making Money Off Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna’s Unborn Baby, Insiders Say

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s baby isn’t even born yet and Kris Jenner is reportedly profiting off the baby already. According to Radar Online, Kris has been making moves ever since Rob and Blac announced the engagement and pregnancy. As many fans now, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch manages all of her children’s careers, but now an insider claims she’s also trying to take the reins with her grandchildren — Rob’s unborn baby in particular.

Shortly after announcing the engagement, Kris Jenner reportedly got to work on the publicity end. Rob and Blac Chyna received numerous monetary offers from media outlets hoping to snap photos of their wedding and new baby. In addition to the media outlet offers, Rob and Blac Chyna will reportedly have their own wedding special and reality series as they begin the new chapters of their lives together. According to Bossip, Kris Jenner has reportedly made them vow to stay married for “at least three years.”

Like the rest of the family, Kris Jenner wasn’t exactly thrilled about Rob’s relationship with Blac Chyna. For those who don’t know, most of the Kardashian-Jenner women were quite appalled about Rob’s relationship. In fact, it was even rumored that Kris Jenner was suspicious of Blac Chyna’s pregnancy, according to Hollywood Life.

“Kris has been talking to Rob about the possibility of Blac cheating earlier this year. Kris is using Blac’s trip to Trinidad in February with Amber Rose as her prime example of when Blac may have fooled around,” our sourced gushed. “Kris has been trying to convince Rob that the timing of that trip and her pregnancy coincide, and that is awfully suspicious.”


But, despite her concerns, she’s always supported Rob even when his sisters didn’t and she has reportedly come around even more since Rob and Blac Chyna announced the pregnancy.

“Kris is finally getting exactly what she’s wanted. A Kardashian grandchild!”

Now that she’s seeing the advantages of Rob and Blac Chyna’s love affair, she’s making all the necessary plans to monetize the relationship, according to the insider. In fact, Kris is even said to be making demands to ensure the couple gets on the right publicity track. Although Blac Chyna still has quite a way to go, Kris is allegedly pushing them to choose a name for the baby.

“Kris has demanded Rob and Blac choose a name now for their unborn child,” said the source. “She wants to buy out everything related to the chosen name under the Kardashian trademark.”


Although the rumors about Kris Jenner’s excitement about her unborn grandchild have yet to be confirmed, this wouldn’t be the first time Kris has taken a situation and turned it around for the financial advancement of her family. The Kardashians rise to fame was also the result of Kris Jenner turning a seemingly awkward and humiliating situation into one of prosperity and fame. Kris Jenner’s first big publicity move was probably Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J. Following the whole sex tape ordeal, the Kardashians inked a reality TV deal with E! for Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

But, despite the latest rumors, Kim Kardashian basically refuted the claims about all of the family drama with Rob in her latest GQ magazine interview, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“We definitely see that my brother is happy and getting healthy, and whatever gets him to that place, you know, we’re happy for him,” she shared, adding, “Chyna’s a sweet girl.”

Do you think Kris Jenner would really use her unborn grandchild for more publicity? Share your thoughts.

[Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Paramount]