Egyptian bust in Chicago museum bears eerie resemblance to Michael Jackson

Remember that episode of The Twilight Zone about the reclusive celebrity with the twist-ending connection to ancient Egypt?

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw this New Kingdom era bust of a Pharaoh that bears a striking resemblance to our recently departed King. While a) it’s just a coincidence and b) comparing Michael Jackson to anything Egyptian is a bit easy to do considering the whole disintegrating nose thing- it is, in the words of a museum employee, pretty “astounding.”

While the source article creates some pretty tenuous connections- Michael Jackson’s video for Remember the Time was Egypt-themed, the nose thing, Eddie Murphy as Ramses- Jackson was the closest thing we have in this era to a pharaoh. No one built him pyramids, but he did have a gaggle of humans devoted to performing menial tasks for him such as umbrella holding and like Egyptian nobility, less-than-advisable cosmetic treatments probably contributed to the premature end of his rule. Also like Egyptian royalty, Jackson was interred (or depending on reports, merely sent to the afterlife) without his brain.


[Image/Source: Chicago Sun Times]