DC Comics ‘Batman #7’ Introduces Rebirth Crossover For ‘Night Of The Monster Men’

DC Comics reportedly has a massive surprise in store for their comic readers, one that will drop with a massive launch later this fall.

According to ComicBookResources, DC’s Halloween surprise will consist of the crossover event that is said to be the “Night of the Monster Men,” and it supposedly will arrive in the September 21 issue of “Batman #7.”

Written by Steve Orlando and Tom King, the first part of “Batman #7” will revolve around Gotham’s heroes fighting this mysterious entity from Batman’s past. This hunt will actually continue over to “Batman #8” and even “Nightwing #6.” It will then conclude on the “Detective Comics #942.”

According to DC, “Batman #7” starts when Batman survived the Court of Owl’s first strike. As he tries to recover, the Court prepares their deadliest attack on Gotham’s major superhero. They also teased that “Batman #7” will be an iconic turning point for Batman’s world.

“The secrets revealed in this issue will change Batman’s world forever! You won’t want to miss the issue everyone will be talking about!”

Batman will be joined by Batwoman and Nightwing to save Gotham City from the massive attack. However, nobody has told them that they will be dealing with monsters from another realm. To stop these monsters, Batman would need to find allies to kill and eradicate these scientifically-made monsters.


The second part will be “Nightwing #5.” In “Nightwing #5,” the so-called Monster Men have succeeded in moving their way through Gotham City. As Batman tries to collect his teammates for this battle, he would need to fight these monsters at the same time. As Nightwing fights alongside the Bat-team, he will discover a secret that would just ruin their hopes in defeating the Monster Men.

The last part of this crossover is a collaboration between Steve Orlando and James Tynion IV. As the Bat-team scours their way through survival, they need to catch up on the strength of these Monster Men. In the second part, they were faced with what Nightwing has found out. They move towards the Blackgate Prison just to be welcomed by another depressing scene—they see swarms of eggs and they are ready to hatch.

Speaking with GameSpot, Steve Orlando noted that this will be “one of the maddest and wildest Batman stories in a long time.”

“People who have read my issues of Batman and Robin Eternal or Midnighter, which is hopefully everybody, know I like a certain brand of high octane, action movie type stories.”

“When Mark [Doyle], Tim [Seeley], Tom [King], and James [Tynion IV] reached out to me about finding something to bring the books together, Monster Men sort of jumped into my head starting with these base images of the Bat-Family fighting something that is just bigger than anything they’ve ever fought before.”


Orlando added that the story will have a lot of characters in the Bat-Family. But because the project was a crossover in six issues, they found a way to include other characters that would help Batman beat these Kaiju-looking creatures.

Orlando also confirmed that this will be the very first time Gotham would every see such creatures. The creative team actually compared the Monster Men to the size of the creatures in Pacific Rim.

As for the uniqueness of this crossover, Orlando said that this will give Batman a 2016 perspective. They gave him modern toys to have in the story. He also added that this will be an entirely new take on Batman since this is the only version where the superhero would be dealing with Godzilla, Toho style villains.

This is where the real challenge begins for the intelligent superhero of the Justice League.

“Batman #7” goes on sale this coming Sept. 21.

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