Steph Curry Hits Cavs Fan With Mouth Guard — Ayesha Calls Game 6 Rigged On Twitter [Video]

Twitter has come alive with news about Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. As seen in the below video, Curry lost his composure and threw his mouth guard into the crowd during the NBA Finals Game 6 with the Cleveland Cavaliers going up against the Warriors in Cleveland. Late in the game on Thursday, June 16, with the Cavs leading the Warriors, Curry reacted in anger and hurled his mouthpiece into the crowd, hitting a guy in a blue shirt.

The next video shows a closer view of the event, with the man in the blue shirt wagging his finger at Curry. Steph soon tosses his mouthguard with great strength, hard enough to hit the fan. After hitting the fan, however, Curry came back to the man and shook his hand and apologized.

Meanwhile, Steph’s wife, Ayesha Curry, published the following tweet calling the game rigged for money or ratings. Writing that she saw the game live, Ayesha proclaimed that she would not be silent about her thoughts.

The incident of Steph throwing his mouthpiece happened right after Curry had already had one of his shots blocked by LeBron James. After blocking Curry’s shot, LeBron turned around and appeared to say to Steph to get his weak shot or “that weak s***” out of here. James made sure to give Curry kudos in his post-interview, even after Curry suffered his sixth foul and was ejected from the game.

Many people on social media are commenting that by Curry throwing his mouth guard at the fan, Steph was actually in essence throwing something very valuable that hit the Cavs fan.

As reported by, Curry’s mouth guard is going up for auction — his used mouthpiece, that is.

As seen on the auction page of SCP Auctions, Curry’s game-worn and spit-drenched mouth guard will go up for auction on August 3. Based out of California, SCP Auctions is getting plenty of attention for such an unusual auction item. Yet and still, SCP Auctions thinks Curry’s mouth protector will go for at least $5,000.

The mouth guard being auctioned was garnered by a fan who took Curry’s mouth guard off of the basketball floor nearby the Warriors bench during this season. Steph is often seen with his mouth guard hanging half-way out of his mouth, with Curry likely chewing on the mouth guard when it is not in use.

After Curry threw the mouth guard, and it hit the fan who had been motioning for Steph to get a technical foul, the Cavs fan pointed down at the basketball floor to let officials know that it was Curry’s mouth guard on the floor.

That’s when Curry witnessed the fans motioning down, and Steph walked over to shake the hands of the two men. Perhaps the men should have picked up Steph’s mouth guard and placed it on eBay instead of pointing it out to game officials.

Nevertheless, Curry’s mouth guard toss and game ejection is getting a big reaction on social media, with some of the comments displayed below.

“Legit looked like the mouthpiece almost went into the fan’s mouth.”

“Curry ‘should’ be suspended, he won’t cuzz it’s game 7, but if he is suspended, or isn’t, either way people will complain and say rigged lol.”

“I could watch Curry drilling that fan with his mouthpiece over and over again.”

“If they even think about suspending Curry I will not even turn on the game and I will definitely consider throwing my TV out the window.”

“The standard for tossing a mouthpiece like Curry did is a fine. Even if he hit a fan. Don’t expect a suspension.”

[Photo by AP Photo/Tony Dejak]