‘Central Intelligence’ After-Credits Scene: Is It Worth Waiting To The End Of The Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Action Flick?

If you’re going to see Central Intelligence this weekend, you may want to know if there’s an after-credits scene worth sticking around to see or if it’s safe to leave the theater once the credits start rolling.

For moviegoers who may not know — or who have never thought to stay all the way through the credits to see what comes at the end — it’s actually a growing trend to include what’s known in the industry as a stinger. This is a single stand-alone scene that plays after all the credits have rolled, one that sometimes offers a new bit of information on the plot or ties up a loose end.

Often, these end-credits scenes are used to tease some new information in a movie series or franchise. Anyone who has seen the Marvel movies and hung around to the end knows that Marvel is famous for using stingers to introduce new characters and set up the movies that will come next in the series.

[WARNING: Potential Central Intelligence spoilers ahead]

So is it worth staying all the way to the end of Central Intelligence to see an after-credits scene? The answer seems to be no: there is nothing after all the credits have stopped rolling — but there will be plenty for viewers to see during the credits themselves. Early reviews indicate that there will be a blooper reel, and Dwayne Johnson even offered a bit of a teaser about a special cameo that will be included in this scene.

There could be a large audience for Central Intelligence this weekend. While the Pixar sequel Finding Dory is expected to dominate the box office to the tune of close to $120 million, those looking for something other than family fare are expected to show up to the Dwayne Johnson action movie.

As Deadline noted, Central Intelligence is expected to clear close to $30 million in its opening weekend.

Looking to hook all those guys with no interest in seeing Finding Dory without their kids, is Warner Bros./New Line/Universal’s PG-13 action comedy Central Intelligence starring Kevin Hart as a mild-mannered accountant who falls into the high-stakes espionage world no thanks to his old high school bud, played by Dwayne Johnson, who is a spy. The $50M vehicle is poised to make at least $30M this weekend at 3,460 theaters. Previews happen Thursday at 7PM in about 2,700 sites. Uni has Central Intelligence in 24 markets, including Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Panama and Thailand. Additional territories will roll out through August.

Central Intelligence is also getting some good early reviews, with critics noting that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart make for a fun and funny on-screen duo. The story of Dwayne Johnson’s character going from a bullied high-school outcast to a buff action hero CIA agent is also a hit with critics.

Adam Graham of the Detroit Free Press noted that the movie has a winning formula.

Central Intelligence otherwise boils down to base-level hijinks with a stock anti-bullying message (and a handful of decent cameos). But Johnson brings the funny. Underneath all that muscle, a comedy star is wrestling to get out, and he’s finally emerged.

But while Central Intelligence may have not an after-credits scene to speak of, it will still be worth it for viewers to stick around for the blooper reel during the credits. And if the box office total can beat projections, there could still be room for a sequel.

[Image via Instagram/Central Intelligence]