Crocodiles Rip Man's Arm Off After He Jumps Into Pool -- Feeding Frenzy Over Severed Limb Allows Rescue Access

Collin Miller's night out with friends at a pub turned into a bloodbath for the 21-year-old, which left him missing one arm. Miller, who witnesses say had downed a few drinks with his buddies, left that pub via a back window and jumped into to a pool used as a diving attraction for crocodiles. He first had to break into the tourist attraction to gain access to the pool, which is an attraction infested with crocodiles in Victoria Falls.

Miller was in Zimbabwe to attend a friend's wedding when, for some unknown reason, he acted on a whim that almost cost him his life. According to the Daily Mail, Miller jumped into that croc-infested pool which was situated next door to the pub where earlier he had been having drinks with friends.

In what sounds like a horror scene, Miller's arm was ripped from his torso by one crocodile and his head was "torn from side to side in another crocodile's jaws." When Miller's arm was severed from his body, three alligators started to fight over the bloody limb.

This battle kept the crocodiles distracted and allowed a worker and another man to get into the fenced area and drag Miller to safety. Witnesses said that the only reason the croc that had a hold of Miller's head released him was to chase after the crocodile who was getting away with the severed limb.

Crocodiles in water

The crocodile cage diving company is a tourist attraction where people can get into cages and dive beneath the water to see the crocs in action. Witnesses described how an intoxicated Miller went into the kitchen of the pub and jumped out a window to gain access to the crocodile farm next door. The pub and the crocodile attraction are not affiliated with each other. According to the owner of the pub, they just happen to be adjacent to one another.

From there, he climbed over a fence with signs all around clearly stating it was a "restricted area." Before taking that plunge into the pool, he took his shirt off, according to the horrified witnesses. That pool housed Nile crocodiles that tourists can view from underwater within the safety of a cage. Miller did not have the safety of a cage and he quickly became the main attraction for the crocs.

Once Miller was pulled out of harm's way by the two men, the crocodiles continued to fight over Miller's missing arm. These predators were said to be up to 10-feet-long.

According to the Daily Star, "Miller lost his left arm and sustained fractured ribs and injuries to his head and was stabilized and immediately airlifted to South Africa." He was airlifted to a hospital in South Africa, which is right on the border of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, where this horrific event occurred. Reports indicate that he is in stable condition after he was admitted to a private hospital in South Africa. The wedding went on as planned over the weekend without Miller attending.