More 'Wonder Woman' Details Emerge, Including Photos From The Set

More Wonder Woman details and images are emerging for the 2017 film that stars actress Gal Gadot in her role as the comic book heroine, according to multiple media reports.

Fans who expected to see the famed invisible jet that Lynda Carter used in the 1970's television series will be disappointed that Wonder Woman will not use that mode of transportation in the upcoming film, according to a report by Yahoo! Movies. The reason behind the decision to scrap the invisible jet was to help the film version of Wonder Woman have its own unique feel, according to DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson.

"There is no invisible jet…. Not in this iteration. [The movie] will have its own tone and look — it's beautiful…. There is humor in it, there is real emotion in Diana's journey in discovering the complexity of man."
The new look and feel of the movie was clear in recently-leaked photos from the filming. A Facebook fan page celebrating Wonder Woman actress Samantha Jo posted a link to several pictures from the set in Italy, showing the look for the movie is completely different from the television series. The web site Celebrity Photos posted the pictures from the shoot, depicting a beach scene with several characters preparing for a fight.

Fans are also hoping that they can catch a glimpse of the new Wonder Woman movie at the San Diego Comic Con next month. Speculation by some media outlets have suggested that a trailer could be on its way as the filming Europe wrapped up earlier this year, providing the studios with enough material to tease fans with a sneak peak of the 2017 film.

Fans of the iconic comic book character have already seen what Wonder Woman is capable of in this year's release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Amazon princess was on full display during the climatic ending, revealing significant information about who Wonder Woman is prior to the character's solo film, the Inquisitr reported.

Wonder Woman will be celebrated in numerous events over the next year, recognizing the 75-year-old comic book character. The celebration -- which recently earned a new logo for the character -- will culminate with the release of the film next year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The year-long celebration also includes the rebirth of the character's comic book series, an event happening for many of the big-name DC characters this summer. Wonder Woman fans can also find new merchandise from companies including Valentino, Converse, and Pottery Barn, showing how timeless and diverse of an impact the comic book character has, Nelson said.
"Wonder Woman has long stood with Batman and Superman in the trinity of DC's most iconic superheroes, but she also stands alone as a symbol of equality, justice and female empowerment and is more relevant today than ever. With her roots in Greek mythology and American feminism, Wonder Woman is one of the most unique and compelling characters in comic book history; her longevity is a testament to her global appeal and the special place she holds in the hearts of generations of girls who have imagined wielding their own lassos of truth."
It's no coincidence that more television series' and movies are featuring lead roles for female superheroes after years of male-dominated roles, the Inquisitr reported. Popular series like Supergirl and Jessica Jones are ensuring that an entirely new generation of fans grow up seeing strong women characters leading shows.

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[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]