Kathryn Dennis Threatens To Reveal 'Southern Charm' Secrets

Kathryn Dennis isn't shy about sharing her thoughts about her co-stars on Southern Charm. Things haven't been going great for Kathryn lately, and now she is speaking out and threatening to reveal the secrets of all of her co-stars. You never know what dirt Kathryn has on them, so this could be pretty juicy. All About the Tea shared what Kathryn Dennis went to her Facebook account and had to say recently.

Nobody knows exactly what Kathryn means by her post, but she went to her page and shared the following.
"I cannot bite my tongue anymore without it falling off. Everyone who watches the reality show ‪#‎SouthernCharm‬ : I want to announce that the veil that it hides behind will indeed be officially unveiled and the reality of the reality will be revealed. Stay tuned as an announcement will be made before the reunion airs on June 27, 2016."
This has everyone wondering what Kathryn Dennis has planned to reveal. She could end up getting herself in trouble if she shares too much. This is all coming out after the news was revealed that Kathryn failed a drug test and now has to share custody with her ex, Thomas Ravenel. It may be dirt on Thomas, but it sounds like Kathryn Dennis has more to say than just a bit of negative stuff about her ex, who also happens to be the father of her children.
All About the Tea got the chance to talk to Thomas Ravenel right after he ended up winning this battle. Thomas hadn't seen the kids for 12 weeks, and now he gets them every other week, and Kathryn gets them on the other weeks. When they were drug tested, Kathryn's test came back that she had both marijuana and cocaine in her system. Thomas' test came back clean, and he didn't have anything in his system at all.

Right now the custody decision is temporary until a judge makes it permanent. When Kathryn is with the kids, her parents will be supervising what is going on. There is also no drug or alcohol use allowed when they have their children. Thomas admitted to being a bit nervous about how his daughter, Kensie, would react to him since she hadn't seen him in so long, but it all worked out just fine.

It was revealed that in the article that Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis are to go back to court on June 27. That just happens to also be the same date that Kathryn promised she will reveal all. Is this a coincidence or does she have something up her sleeve for court? It will be really interesting to see if this actually does mean something or not.

Kathryn Dennis has been on the outs with everyone this season on Southern Charm except for Shep. Several of them don't even want to invite her to their parties, but Shep did want her to show up at his birthday party, even though Landon didn't ever really invite her. Thomas and Kathryn haven't been together, but when the show was filmed they were getting along. Now they are hardly even speaking to each other. Kathryn is still on the show, but if she ends up not talking to anyone else it will be hard for them to keep her around for future seasons of Southern Charm.

Are you looking forward to hearing what Kathryn Dennis has to say about the cast of Southern Charm? Were you shocked to hear that she failed a drug test? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of Southern Charm on Monday nights on Bravo.

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