Bruce Willis Is Not Suing iTunes, Says Wife Emma Hemming-Willis

Earlier this week it was reported that Bruce Willis was gearing up for a court battle over his digital music library with Apple and iTunes. Well, it turns out that the story might have been exaggerated.

OK, it was completely made up.

The rumor started last week when it was reported that Willis was furious over the fact that he wouldn’t be able to leave his digital music library to his daughters in his will. Why? Well, when you purchase music from iTunes, you aren’t actually purchasing the song. You’re really just purchasing the right to listen to the song.

Chris Walton, an estate specialist at Irwin Mitchell, said:

“Lots of people will be surprised on learning all those tracks and books they have bought over the years don’t actually belong to them. It’s only natural you would want to pass them on to a loved one.”

According to Walton, Willis (and every other iTunes user) has a right to be upset about how their music will be distributed after their death. Willis just isn’t upset enough to file a lawsuit against Apple.

An inquisitive person from the internet sent Emma Hemming-Willis a message on Twitter asking why her husband just doesn’t give his iTunes password to his daughters. Emma responded: It’s not a true story.

The story about Bruce Willis suing Apple and iTunes may have been completely made up, but it did get people talking about an issue that could become a problem in the future. More and more people are purchasing books, movies, and music digitally. It’s only a matter of time until Bruce Willis, or anyone else, ends up in court to talk about who owns the rights to their digital library.