‘Big Brother 18’ Rumors: Corey Brooks Takes Down Anti-Gay Twitter Posts

Big Brother 18 rumors about Corey Brooks have led to an unsurprising conclusion. The new BB18 cast member had frequently used anti-gay slurs and homophobic language on his Twitter account, but on Thursday, June 16, those posts suddenly vanished. It appears that either Big Brother‘s production staff allowed Corey Brooks to access his Twitter account or that someone logged in for him to take down the inflammatory posts. It’s possible that Brooks left his password with a family member to access his account when he went on the show.

The Big Brother 18 rumors about Brooks resorting to the derogatory language led to a lot of disdain from show fans on social media. There has been no response from producers of the show or from CBS about the posts, and the cleansing of Brooks’ Twitter account may mean the avoidance continues. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Brooks used the slurs against people on Twitter, as jokes with baseball players from Texas A&M, and as a general response to certain situations.

A report from the blog Reality Blurred was the first to relay information about the derogatory posts Corey Brooks had been making on social media. The site copied the posts, possibly knowing that eventually they would get deleted from Brooks’ Twitter account. That is exactly what took place on Thursday. Does it bring the issue to a close? Are these latest Big Brother 18 rumors simply an indication of the type of behavior that Brooks will exhibit once he is inside the BB18 house?

While the new BB18 cast has been sequestered, show producers could still decide to remove Corey Brooks from the season. There has been no hint that this is going to happen, which leads to the conclusion that CBS will continue paying Brooks to participate in the reality competition show. This is in stark contrast to public statements that the network has made in the past, but it could also be viewed as a way to bring more eyes to the “product” during summer 2016.

There are still a lot of Big Brother 18 rumors about former houseguests joining the BB18 cast shortly. It’s possible that Corey Brooks plays into the theme that producers are using this season, making it more difficult to go through a casting chance with so few days left until things get started. It is expected that Day 1 for Big Brother 18 will be over the weekend, with the 12 “new” houseguests getting joined by an undetermined number of returners.

The season premiere for the show is a two-hour event on Wednesday, June 22. The episode begins at 8 p.m. PT/ET and will likely serve to introduce the BB18 cast and the summer 2016 theme to viewers. The producers will already have several days of footage to use in that episode, as well as the second episode airing on Thursday, June 23, at 9 p.m. PT/ET. Once the second episode airs on the West Coast, the live feeds will turn on, allowing die-hard fans to finally catch up with what has been taking place inside the BB18 house.

There are also some additional Big Brother 18 spoilers that were revealed on June 16. They revolve around whether the Battle of the Block competition will get used this season and what might be used as a replacement tool on the show. Producers appear ready to shake things up again.

Regarding the manipulation of Corey Brooks’ Twitter feed, many fans will likely want to hear who deleted the posts and what excuses might be made for why he used the derogatory language in the first place. Others want to know how a person applying for the show wouldn’t realize that the information was going to be found. The answers to those questions may be revealed in additional Big Brother 18 rumors down the road, but for now, fans are left to guess about how Brooks will act in the BB18 house this summer.

[Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS Big Brother Press Kit]