James Wesley Howell's Ex-Boyfriend Wasn't Surprised, But Doesn't Believe He Was Going To Hurt Anyone At The Pride Parade

Trisha Faulkner

James Wesley Howell of Indiana was on his way to the L.A. Pride Parade in West Hollywood when police found him to be in possession of three assault rifles and explosive-making materials. According to Los Angeles Times, authorities are still trying to determine what James Wesley Howells' intentions were. However, they do not believe his actions had any connection to the mass shooting in Orlando.

James Wesley Howell is known as a soft-spoken young man who frequently walks his black Labrador named Midnight through the suburbs his parents call home. The Indianapolis Star reports a very different story regarding who James Wesley Howell is, being told by friends and an ex-boyfriend who live in a small city called Charlestown, roughly 30 minutes away from where his parents live. The friends and ex-boyfriend described Howell as a very troubled and somewhat violent individual who had a scary relationship with big guns and fast cars.

Joseph Greeson told authorities he had not spoken to James Wesley Howell since the first of June. Both were car enthusiasts and they met through a mutual friend in November of last year. Greeson even told authorities that he had done some small work on the vehicle James was driving when he was stopped by police and taken into custody.

"I never really got, like, any bad signals. Just that it was strange and kind of weird. He was an only child and just kind of lonerish. I don't know. It's hard to explain."
"He might have got scared because he got in trouble here and stuff. He might have just been heading out and then had the guns with him for whatever reason and just, you know, wrong place and wrong time."

"James is going to get someone hurt. He needs to stop pointing guns at people."

[Image via Santa Monica Police Department]