Three Excited Dogs Welcome Home US Marine [Video]

A US Marine received a hero’s welcome from his very happy three dogs in this video after he returned home from a two-month training mission.

The dogs has no idea their master was waiting for them in the backyard, but, once they realized he was there, the trio of canines responded in the way that only dogs can.

As the New York Daily News describes in yesterday’s edition what happened between the man and the man’s best friends, “The two larger dogs immediately jump onto the soldier’s lap in utter joy as the third, smaller dog frantically runs around in circles at the soldier’s feet.”

This is not by any means the first heartwarming video that shows what happens when a returning service member and his or her devoted canine companion/companions are reunited. This particular video, however, has received nearly 500,000 page views so far.

The emotional bond and affection between humans and their dogs is incredibly strong, but it seems to be especially profound and heartfelt when a period of separation occurs, particularly for military service.

One of the commenters on the Daily News website seems to sum it up:

“Animals heal us, animals humanize us, animals give us unconditional love and get so little in return. Encourage respect, kindness and compassion for all of them.”

Watch the touching reunion between the US Marine and his three dogs upon his return from duty:

Are you a dog lover? Do you agree that dogs are man’s best friend?