Playing ‘James Bond’ Hurts Daniel Craig’s Personal Life

For Daniel Craig, portraying the character of James Bond is an all-encompassing feat. The long-lived and long-lived-in character becomes something of an obsession for Craig, and on the set of the latest Bond adventure Skyfall, the role apparently took a toll on Craig’s personal life.

Craig is married to fellow Brit Rachel Weisz (of The Mummy and The Constant Gardener fame) and admitted that work on the Bond blockbusters is “all-encompassing,” and that he has a hard time switching off when he goes home after being “totally single-minded” all day in the world of Bond.

“When I’m doing the movie, I’m totally single-minded. It is to the detriment of my personal life, but fortunately I have a very understanding family and they understand that that’s part of it and that it’s all-encompassing. I keep my energy levels as high as I can all the time.”

Regardless of his personal difficulties, Craig admits that he is grateful to be able to count himself among those who have worked for decades to continue Bond’s story:

“I want to inspire, and be inspired. And I’m lucky enough to work with some incredible people with vast experience. I was standing on top of a train in Turkey with this crew of people, I looked around and I thought, ‘You know, this is the best place to be for an actor.’ So I kind of give it all I’ve got, and then collapse for a while.”

Though Skyfall will mark Craig’s third turn as the iconic 007, the actor has had a troubled past with the character. He famously remarked, “On Quantum, we were f***ed,” regarding his experience shooting Quantum of Solace, the Marc Forster-helmed follow-up to Casino Royale. So while the role arguably defined Craig’s career, it has also seemingly taken its pound of flesh out of the actor.

Still, reports are saying that after Skyfall, Craig is signed for at least five more appearances at James Bond, so it can’t be all bad, can it?