Green Day Singer Billie Joe Armstrong Loses His Voice, Leaves Hospital

Green Day lead singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong has lost his voice. Earlier today we reported that Armstrong was rushed to the hospital ahead of a scheduled performance. Since that time Green Day has cancelled their upcoming show.

Leaving the hospital after a medical scare Billie Joe Armstrong was spotted leaving the medical facility by TMZ. As he left he mouthed to reporters that he had “lost his voice.”

Green Day was scheduled to play a show in Italy this weekend but instead Armstrong will return to the United States to rest his voice.

Following the cancellation of the concert the band members who still have their voices released a video online. In the video the band tells their fans:

“We’re beyond devastated … We’re as sad as you guys are. Billie’s extremely upset about it.”

The nature of Billie’s illness has not been released to the public. Vocal chord problems are often associated with singers, especially rock singers who place a large amount of stress on their throats as they belt out their songs. One report claims Armstrong was rushed to the hospital for gastric problems. That report from the SF Gate also claims that Billie chose to discharged himself from the hospital.

The Italian publication La Voce also claims that some Green Day fans caused problems by attempting to visit Billie Joe Armstrong in the hospital. None of those fans made it to Billie’s room but they caused a headache for administrative personnel.

Apparently Billie Joe Armstrong is all broken up … Sorry Billie.