‘AbsorbPlate’ Soaks Up 30 Calories From Your Food [Video]

Who hasn’t pressed a couple of paper towels atop a slice or two of pizza just to soak up some of the grease that the slices might contain? Well, that’s the thought process behind a new plate that claims to soak up grease from beneath the food you put on the plate. A new plate called AbsorbPlate is getting a lot of buzz these days, if anything for the unique concept that the plate purports to possess.

The AbsorbPlate was invented by BBDO Bangkok, an advertising agency. It was also invented with greasy, drippy Thai food in mind because the Thai government health board is also behind the creation of the AbsorbPlate.


With claims that AbsorbPlate can soak up 7 ml of oil, that translates to about 30 fewer calories per meal. Although that doesn’t sound like a lot of calories soaked up by the innovative plate, it could mean a loss of three- to 10-pounds per year, depending on the person using the plate.

As reported by Cosmopolitan UK, it is an invention that sounds almost too good to be true. Indeed, if a person uses the AbsorbPlate as one of those healthy changes that moves them in the right direction, it could be effective. The theory is similar to making small changes that could have a big impact, like choosing to drink your coffee black instead of loading it with sweet coffee creamer. The impact of such a small change performed on a daily basis could mean pounds dropped month after month.

With the AbsorbPlate soaking up grease from greasy food, some experts are wondering if it’s a smart idea to be eating greasy food in the first place if a person is trying to lose weight or improve their health. However, it is something that could be used for a cheat meal, perhaps, especially since many people favor using paper plates anyway that don’t require washing after each meal.

The AbsorbPlate claims to be pretty easy to wash, even if those little divot-looking holes seem like they’d be the perfect receptacles for gelatinous grease turning solid.

Maybe instead of leaning on only the AbsorbPlate to get rid of excess calories, a good addition to the lifestyle change could mean replacing greasy meals with healthier ones at least five out of seven times per week. A little help from a healthy appetite suppressant and a fat transporter might do the trick as well.

Either way, it’s a noble notion from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to have created the plate with 500 tiny holes – mimicking a sponge.

With people seemingly always interested in ways to lose weight — especially as the summer months require fewer clothes — there will always exist new ways to try and cut calories.

As expected, the AbsorbPlate — with its beauty and newfangled nuances — is getting lots of feedback on social media. The plate calls itself an invention with a small design that makes a big impact.

“This is cool, but isn’t it better and easier to not put that much fat on the plate in the first place? Also, to be fair those holes will fill up with other food juices besides fat too, reducing the effectiveness.”

“I’d say the Thai Health Promotion Foundation found a perfect way to let people think about how easy it is to cut down the fat even without the plate. It’s a smart evocative story, not a product.”

“[Reducing] 30 calories at each meal = 90 calories
[Reducing] 90 calories a day for a year = 32,850 calories
One pound of fat = 3,500 calories
So by reducing our diets by 32,850 a year we could lose up to 9.4 pounds a year.
It’s called math…”

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