Wes Scantlin Arrested After Fighting During L.A. Flight

Austin, TX – Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin was arrested on Tuesday after the commercial flight he was on landed at an Austin, TX airport. The singer who recently signed his divorce papers with smiles faces allegedly became drunk and began to fight with a flight attendant while in the air.

Austin police were waiting for Wes to exit the aircraft immediately after it landed.

According to law enforcement Wes Scantlin became engaged in a verbal argument when a flight attendant refused to serve him any more alcohol. The exact reason for the argument is still under investigation.

The flight was originally bought for Los Angeles but was re-routed to Bergstrom International Airport in Austin in order to remove the drunken musician from the plane.

After exiting the aircraft Scantlin was arrested and book for public intoxication.

Interfering with a flight crew could also bring future charges against the Puddle of Mudd singer. Such interference is considered a felony.

Scantlin is no stranger to trouble and in July pled guilty to cocaine possession. Charges were to be cleared for Scantlin if he stayed out of trouble for 18 months. It looks like the singer will now be facing charges from the plane incident and from July.

If convicted on all charges the Puddle of Mudd member could find himself serving time behind bars for misdemeanors and a felony.

We have a creeping suspicion a slap on the wrist will be handed down alongside a hefty fine for re-routing the aircraft in the middle of a flight.

Perhaps someone should tell Wes Scantlin that it’s called “fight or flight” not “fight on a flight.”