Stephen Colbert And Scott Bakula Try To ‘Quantum Leap’ Trump [Video]

Stephen Colbert had an interesting way of interviewing Scott Bakula on The Late Show last night, especially when he found an episode of Quantum Leap that showed Dr. Sam Beckett instrumentally influencing Donald Trump’s rise to power when he was a kid.

Of course, Scott Bakula was on The Late Show to promote his current TV series, NCIS: New Orleans. But the exchange between Bakula and Stephen Colbert was mostly focused on his former series, Quantum Leap.

The Late Show segment started out with Stephen Colbert saying that he was going through some old episodes of Quantum Leap and found the one where Beckett was a doppelganger as a cabbie in what was presumably 1950s era New York. He had a young boy and his father in the cab with him. The two seemed to be very well off and the young boy was speaking with Beckett while his father remained mostly quiet during the cab ride.

When Beckett (Bakula) told the boy that the future is in real estate and there would be tall buildings all over Manhattan, the cab ride was over and the man and the boy got out. But when they got out, the man said, “Come on Donald,” and someone else called the man “Mr. Trump.”

So, Stephen Colbert had to quickly joke that Donald Trump’s rise to power was Scott Bakula, or rather Sam Beckett’s, fault following his intervention in Donald Trump’s younger life while time traveling.

That clip that Stephen Colbert played from Quantum Leap seemed to insinuate that Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) was directly responsible for the rise of Donald Trump, who is now the GOP presumptive nominee for president. But most people cite Donald Trump as being a racist and a misogynist, which means that there is a core collective of concerned citizens in America that are scared to death that Trump will be elected President.

So, what does Stephen Colbert do when Scott Bakula joins him on The Late Show? Well, as you have probably already guessed, he takes on the role of Ziggy from Quantum Leap and he does a skit with Bakula that revives the show. But that skit is to undo what Bakula and his character, Sam Beckett, did that presumably gave Donald Trump his rise to power in the United States as a real estate mogul, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

That was when Stephen Colbert energized and “beamed himself back in time to the episode where Bakula skewed the timeline to give Donald Trump all his power. That was also the first part of the segment that featured Scott Bakula, who was dressed as a cabbie and still seemed to be in his Quantum Leap character, although the two made jokes back and forth.”

The boy that got in the car after Stephen Colbert arrived was none other than a young Donald Trump, and every time that Colbert and Bakula tried to say something to steer him away from real estate and politics, they just made the situation worse by citing future instances that Donald Trump uses as a way to get back at the cabbie.

After several failed instances, Stephen Colbert and Scott Bakula try one last thing by telling the young Donald Trump to forget everything that they said and to just “do and say whatever you want and always say the first thing that comes to your mind.”

In the end, Stephen Colbert beamed back onto his Late Show set to find out if they changed the future. Of course, it did not work, and Scott Bakula was changed into a dog for some weird reason.

[Image via CBS]