Puppy Stands Stock-Still In Pool During Dog Pool Party, Gets 12 Million Facebook Views [Video]

The video featured below has gone viral on Facebook because it shows a dog that is very disciplined as she waits for a ball to be thrown directly to her in the pool.

The dog is surrounded by other dogs that are prancing, swimming, and playing in the water, but she stands stock-still on her hind legs, not necessarily an easy feat in the pool, waiting with grace for a ball to come to her.

The fun took place at the Happy Tails Resort doggie daycare in Norfolk, Virginia. The patient dog’s name is Beya, and it appears she is a strong-minded dog that has apparently had plenty of training in waiting for her master to direct her to accomplish tasks.

The video, titled “Swim Time” on Facebook, has gained 55,808 likes thus far on the social media platform.

Facebook reports that the video was uploaded to the Facebook page of the Happy Tails puppy resort about a week ago, on June 9. Since that time, the “Swim Time” video has gained more than 12 million views and more than 16,000 comments.

According to Today, the patient dog, Beya, is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, so it makes sense that it is in her nature to wait at the ready to accept or fetch an item. Whether Beya was waiting for one of the yellow balls already in the pool or some mysterious treat, the dog is being praised for her laser-like focus and ability to not pay attention to everything going on around her in the water.

While the other dogs excitedly swim around and paddle in the pool, Beya is noticeable still, not going along with the excited pack of dogs. Beya can be seen as the brown figure in the middle of the screen on the video, with the Chesapeake Bay Retriever staring intently at someone who is off-camera.

Certain articles are calling Beya a party-pooper or a dog that is “just not having it that day.” Some suggest she is socially awkward. Instead, others realize that Beya is likely a very smart dog, just waiting for a treat — be it in the form of a ball or actual food.

Other delightful videos found on the Happy Tails Facebook page include one uploaded on Tuesday, titled “Non-Swimming Dog Lessons!

Kayla Jones, a receptionist at Happy Tails, said that Beya doesn’t swim very much. As such, Beya has been labeled the “non-swimming dog” in plenty of the Facebook descriptions.

“She’ll hang out all day if we let her. She will swim around, do some laps but her comfort zone is where she’s just hanging out. Every so often she might kick a paw out.”

Meanwhile, Beya has brought plenty of attention to the Happy Tails puppy resort, and she has also gained the nickname Doggysaurus Rex because of how still she stands in the water. The “Swim Time” video crowned her the non-swimming dog, and more videos call her the same.

“The Non-Swimming Dog made an appearance today! #‎happytailsresort‬

Reaction to Beya on social media has proven how much dog videos like that one can improve a person’s mood. Apparently, Beya does actually swim, according to Happy Tails.

“She swims. She is just a nut!”

“That non swimming dog is so funny. I can’t believe [she] is not swimming. Lol.”

“So cute! And it looks like they are having a lot of fun! Though that brown dog that’s just standing there looks like [she’s] either in deep thought or [she’s] peeing! Haha.”

“[She’s] like, ‘I don’t need to swim..just a little splash here…a little splash there..plus if I stay still the water feels cooler..so if everyone could stop for a minute that would be great.’”

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