John Travolta On The Fight To Stay Relevant

Stacey Cole

John Travolta, best known for grooving it up in Saturday Night Fever and for playing slick and cool Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, is currently fighting to land a role. But not because he is out of a job, but it is because he knows that staying relevant in the acting world is a challenge, according to Variety.

John Travolta spoke on fighting for roles and staying relevant in the world of acting.

"If you always try to give a quality of work that is viable; that minimum/maximum, it doesn't work. Always strive for delivering your best and never do something for superficial reasons, then you're going to survive for yourself and often for the audience."

— StarWipe (@StarWipe) June 2, 2016

The conversation between Lowe and Travolta opened up so much insight into the minds of both of them. John Travolta, who has a wide array of roles in his career, opened up on how no matter what kind of character he has to play, serious or comedic, he still has to insert a little bit of a sense of humor into it. During the session, Lowe spoke very highly of John Travolta and even said that no one else in the business is quite like him. Lowe even admitted to being a big fan of John Travolta's. Lowe even admitted that Grease was the film that he had taken his first love to during their first date.

Incidentally, Grease was released 38 years ago today.

— History (@HistoryTime_) June 16, 2016

Little do people know, John Travolta's purpose in life is to inspire people. Revealed during the exchange between the two esteemed actors is the passion and drive Travolta has to inspire other to become actors. He revealed that he looks forward to every chance he has to get people excited about creating characters, music, dance: whatever they felt their passion was.

—. (@svplexcity) June 1, 2016

"As a matter of fact, if I don't take a big swing or if I don't do something that is brave, I almost am more frightened of that. The bigger the challenge and the more distant the character is from who I am, the more excited I get and the more at ease I get. So it's almost a reversal of what people think. The truth for me is I'm being much more brave if you ask me to play myself because I don't know who I am."

Michael Madsen had turned down the role of Vincent Vega, a role that will forever be immortalized as one of Travolta's most memorable appearances on the big screen. After landing the job, John Travolta's became legendary in the film industry.

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