Jessica Simpson Reveals Big New Details About Her Upcoming Album

Jessica Simpson is dropping even more hints that she’ll be gracing fans with new music very soon.

After teasing shots from inside her lavish home studio over the past few months, Jessica once again returned to Instagram to show off yet another photo of herself prepping her upcoming album on June 15.

Simpson didn’t give the black and white photo a caption, though Entertainment Tonight reported that Jessica looked “like a rock ‘n’ roll goddess” as she sung in her famous Daisy Dukes while “the art on the walls and the guitars all around her set the scene for the former pop star’s musical comeback.”

This is just the latest in a string of hints Jessica has been teasing regarding her much-anticipated musical comeback, which Simpson officially confirmed was in full swing on the social media site in February.

At the time, Simpson gave fans their first look at her state-of-the-art home studio, coyly teasing, “It is happening underground,” before jokingly adding the hashtag “#donotwakethebabies.”

Just weeks later, Jessica alluded to new music again on the site, uploading a photo of herself at the mixing desk on May 15 before she then showed off a snap of relaxing in an office chair in the music room, which Simpson captioned, “Studio Vibin’.”

Jessica Simpson’s newest teases come shortly after Simpson spoke out about her upcoming return to music in an interview with the Huffington Post, where Jessica confessed that her first release since 2010’s Happy Christmas is almost complete.

Jessica Simpson Reveals Big New Details About Her Upcoming Album

“I’m back in the studio — I’ve been in the studio all week,” Simpson confirmed in the April interview about her big musical return.

“It’s been a very exciting time to rediscover music and I definitely have so much inspiration,” Jessica told the site at the time, referring to her latest musical project being her first time hitting the studio since becoming a mom to her two children, Maxwell and Ace.

“I’ve been in the music business for so long,” Jessica revealed to the Huffington Post in the interview, “and it’s interesting to see what I come up with as a mom and the perspective I have after all the records I have made and all the life situations I’ve been through.”

Although Jessica didn’t reveal if her upcoming album will adopt the sound of her pop-star days or will revert to the more country sound she experimented with on 2008’s Do You Know, she did tell the site that she has “a lot to talk about” in her new music.

“There’s a lot to sing about. There’s a lot I feel like people will relate to,” Simpson said.

Jessica Simpson Reveals Big New Details About Her Upcoming Album

Simpson also spoke about her new project with EXTRA way back in March 2015, where she confirmed that she was working on a full-length new album.

“Right now I am starting a record,” Jessica said at the time, confirming that she had a studio built into her California home to allow her to “be around [her] babies” while she worked on her music.

“I am getting into a lot of other fun things,” Simpson then teased.

Jessica didn’t reveal in the interview exactly when her new album will hit shelves, but Simpson is confirmed to return to the stage for the first time in years during the Today show’s 2016 concert series.

The NBC morning show confirmed the news earlier this year, revealing that Jessica will perform in New York City on August 26, where’s it’s rumored that she could debut her new material.

Are you looking forward to hearing new music from Jessica Simpson?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Jessica Simpson Collection]