Nokia Brings Free Music To US Based ‘Lumia’ Handsets

Nokia Lumia-branded and Windows Phones-powered handsets can now access the Nokia Music service at no-cost in the United States.

Previously only available to European Lumia customers the program has proven to be a success overseas. The platform currently includes 150 unique playlists created by a Nokia “musicologist.” The playlists includes music from popular artists including Lady Gaga, Rihanna and others.

Users can also choose to listen to music based on genre with such niches as “underground Detroit house” and music from the New York Philharmonic.

If users would prefer the Nokia free music streaming service also allows for a Nokia Music Create function for personal playlist creation based on selected artists.

Unlike Pandora, free Spotify service and other platforms the music is not supported by ads and doesn’t require a subscribe or sign-up function to be utilized.

For customers looking to listen “offline” that feature is also offered when a data signal is not available.

True music fans might most appreciate the “Gig Finder” which provide access to local live concert information, gigs and shows currently taking place near a users location.

Nokia customers purchasing the Nokia Lumia 900 and Nokia Lumia 710 handsets will have automatic and immediate access to the streaming music platform.

It will be interesting to see if Nokia can leverage music capabilities to win over new users. HTC attempted to win over music lovers by purchased Beats Audio, the company recently sold a majority share of its ownership back to Beats Audio after a failed attempt to leverage the business for smartphones.