The ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion Show Is A Wrap: What Can Fans Expect? [Spoilers]

The Southern Charm reunion was just filmed in New York, and this time, everyone wasn’t crowded into the tiny WWHL studio as was the case for the previous two seasons. There is just one more episode of Southern Charm to wrap up all the craziness from Thomas Ravenel’s dinner party and the current season; then it’s on to the Southern Charm reunion broadcast on June 27. And as fans probably expected, one of the guests was planning an attack.

According to the Inquisitr, many of the cast members who have been supporting Whitney’s mama, Patricia Altschul, who is trying to drive Kathryn Dennis out of Charleston, are also not without many of the sins they claim that Kathryn has committed. Thomas Ravenel has a previous issue with drugs, including some time in prison and a drunk driving arrest; the executive producer also has a drug arrest, in addition to a conviction for criminal domestic violence, and Whitney’s mama, Patricia, has been called out by her former DC friends for having problems telling the truth.

Landon seemed very uncomfortable on WWHL discussing the ex-husband she shares with the bigoted Stacey Dash. Almost more embarrassing than falling into the bushes with a flamingo on your head. But even with this information, the self-righteous crew will be ready to go after Kathryn at the reunion.

So the Southern Charm reunion took place this week after the last episode with Thomas Ravenel’s dinner party from hell, and according to Tamaratattles, the seating chart below tells much of the story. On Kathryn’s side of the couch was Shep and Craig, but allegedly, neither were much help when it came to defending Kathryn against the usual suspects and the usual accusations.

“Craig may have tried to be supportive but they all seem afraid to stand up for her and against Whitney and his mommy which is where all of this ostracism originated from.”

Thomas Ravenel supposedly showed up with his kid’s nanny, Dawn, and his two children, and Kathryn flew in alone. The balance for the seating chart once again put Whitney as far away as possible from Kathryn, allegedly on the end of the couch so he could escape, or perhaps make pretend he wasn’t really there. Poor Andy Cohen was placed between Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn, and as in past reunions, there will likely be literal and figurative finger pointing.

Bustle says that the Southern Charm reunion spoilers that have been released are intriguing, and will have fans thinking. The seating chart is the first clue that Kathryn, in particular, is being set up for drama. Bustle compiled a list of burning questions that should be on the minds of Southern Charm fans.

  • Was Andy Cohen terrified to be sandwiched between T-Rav and Kathryn?
  • Will Andy Cohen spend the entire reunion holding back T-Rav with his right arm and Kathryn with his left?
  • Are Landon and T-Rav on speaking terms?
  • Are Cameran and T-Rav on speaking terms?
  • Did Cameran and Landon sweep the “Something’s Coming” dinner party speech under the rug?
  • Or is the tension between Cameran and Landon vs. T-Rav palpable?
  • Should I be reading into where Whitney’s seated?
  • Is he sitting on the end for a reason?
  • Like, does Whitney sneak away at some point, grab his guitar, and surprise the cast with a performance of “I Love You So Much?”

Bravo is reporting that the key to the drama is in the Southern Charm seating chart, which has Kathryn facing Thomas just after they faced off in court about the custody situation. The big topics of conversation will, of course, be the dinner party, the Thomas and Kathryn situation, why Patricia has such a bug up her bum about Kathryn, and exactly how awkward it was for Shep to hear that Landon loved him, but also was thinking of pursuing Thomas.

Will you be watching the Southern Charm reunion?

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