Three Way Sex Turns Unexpectedly Violent For Florida Couple

Zephyrhills, FL – After downing an assortment of drugs and engaging a bit of three-way sex, a Florida couple decided to end their amorous adventure by firing a revolver at one another, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Although the menage a trois started out innocently enough, the situation soon turned nasty when one participant became agitated that her husband was attempting to have intercourse without her.

Here’s how the incident went down: 29-year-olds David and Mindi Rice were looking to spice up their sex life, so they invited a 24-year-old woman into their bedroom for a little fun and excitement. After loading up on prescription drugs, the trio promptly got down to business. Although things were fine and dandy before they fell asleep, the evening took a considerable turn for the worse when Mindi woke up a few hours later.

According to The Dreamin’ Demon, Rice wasn’t too thrilled that her husband was attempting to have sex with the aforementioned 24-year-old without her assistance. Angry and buzzed from the drugs, Mindi retrieved a revolver and threatened to kill their lover. In order to drive her point home, Mindi then fired a shot into the ceiling.

Of course, David claimed he wasn’t trying to get a little action on the side. Instead, he was simply trying to cover himself up. However, Mindi’s husband did become a little upset when his wife threatened him with a firearm. As a result, he snatched the weapon from his spouse’s hand and grabbed her by the throat. In order to make his own point, he placed the pistol against her head while screaming obscenities in her face.

After David fired a shot past Mindi’s head, the third participant in this ill-fated three-way placed a call to 911. Before long, the SWAT team showed up and attempted to negotiate with the gun-wielding Floridian. Following a brief stand-off with authorities, David finally turned himself over to police.

For his role in this peculiar scenario, David Rice now faces charges of aggravated assault and obstructing police. Apparently David as been a buy boy; the three-way participant is also being charged with burglary, grand theft, and possession of Oxycodone stemming from unrelated incidents.