‘Baby Daddy’ Star Chelsea Kane on Danny and Riley’s Future, What Happens In Episode 14, ‘Not So Great Grandma’ [PROMO]

Baby Daddy star Chelsea Kane opens up on Riley and Danny’s relationship, her friendship with Jean-Luc Bilodeau, and obsession with The Bachelor. Plus find out what happens in the next episode of the hit Freeform series, episode 14, “Not So Great Grandma.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Chelsea Kane, who plays Riley Perrin in Baby Daddy, joked that she always ends up playing a character who falls in love with two brothers, in reference to her role as Stella Malone on Disney Channel’s Jonas. Her character’s love triangle with brothers Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) and Danny Wheeler (Derek Theler), however, came to an end in Season 5. Although Riley and Danny’s relationship is far from perfect, Kane revealed that there is definitely progress in the coming episodes.

“We get to open up a whole new story line where there’s not so much miscommunication, but they’re actually a real couple,” she said.

In the same interview, Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Tahj Mowry (Tucker Dobbs) shared that their characters will also develop in the coming episodes of Baby Daddy Season 5. After things did not work out for him and Zoey (Jonna Walsh), Bilodeau said that Ben will not give up on pursuing Sam (Daniella Monet). On the other hand, Mowry said that we will get to see a different side of Tucker in the coming episodes.

This season of life is getting to him. He’s trying to find a girl; he’s trying to do this gig as an entertainment reporter. This is the most driven Tucker we’ve seen thus far.”

In the next episode of Baby Daddy Season 5, titled “Not So Great Grandma,” Ben invites Bonnie’s (Melissa Peterman) estranged mother Nana Lyle (guest star Loni Anderson) to a family event at Emma’s preschool. The unexpected visit is sure to draw in some laughs as we see Bonnie in another uncomfortable situation.

“How’s my little angel?” Lyle asked.

“I’m good,” Bonnie answered.

“I meant this one (pointing to Emma). The only angel you have is tattoed on your a**,” Lyle said.

Elsewhere, Ben and Danny argue about who is Bonnie’s favorite son in Baby Daddy Season 5 episode 14.

“You’re her favorite,” Ben said.

“I didn’t know you knew.” Danny said.

“I always assumed but now I know for sure,” Ben replied, clearly hurt.

Baby Daddy Season 5 episode 14, “Not So Great Grandma,” airs Wednesday, June 22 on Freeform. Watch the promo below:

Although Chelsea Kane and Jean-Luc Bilodeau are not childhood friends like their characters on Baby Daddy, the two stars are really good friends in real life. Speaking to InStyle, Kane revealed that the two of them backpacked together in Europe for two months in 2015.

“He shaved his head, I dyed my hair brown; we stayed in hostels the whole time. It was us and like six other dudes in bunk beds, it was an experience.”

In the interview, Kane also revealed that everyone on Baby Daddy is a huge fan of ABC’s The Bachelor. She shared that they would have huge viewing parties and a “fantasy football league of the contestants.” Although Bilodeau, Theler and Mowry might deny it, Kane said that they were as obsessed with the reality series as her.

“The thing I love the most is the people who come out of the woodwork that are closeted Bachelor fans. The boys are obsessed. They won’t admit it, but it’s on their DVR,” she shared.

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