Skyrim: ‘Hearthfire’ DLC Out Now on Xbox Live

Skyrim‘s recently-announced “Hearthfire” DLC is now available for purchasing on Xbox Live for the reasonably low price of 400 Microsoft Points.

In case this is the first you’re hearing of Skyrim‘s latest DLC, Hearthfire allows players to purchase plots of land, where you can then erect and customize your very own home. If your idea of a good place to live in Skyrim is a place out in the middle of nowhere, rather than smack in the middle of a city, you can now do that with Hearthfire.

It’s not nearly as substantial as the Dawnguard expansion, of course, but Hearthfire is nonetheless a welcome expansion to the already expansive world of Skyrim. In addition to being able to erect your very own home, you can also now adopt a child, and raise your family in your new home. You’re able to play games with your kids, and attend to various other family matters.

Unfortunately, Hearthfire doesn’t appear to be coming to the PC or PlayStation 3. Bethesda hasn’t come out and said that it won’t come out on other platforms, but we haven’t heard anything to suggest that they will. What with all of the mods, I think the PC platform already has player housing more or less covered anyway.

In other recent Skyrim news, Bethesda gave the disappointing news that Dawnguard may not be coming to PlayStation 3 after all. The developers were experiencing severe problems with performance with the PlayStation 3 version, and the developers are no longer confident that they will be able to sort those issues out at all.