David Bowie Exhibit Set To Dazzle Fans Next Year

A new David Bowie exhibit is preparing to enrapture the musician’s countless fans next year, according to Reuters. The exhibition will reportedly contain handwritten lyrics, original album artwork, and a slew of costumes and outfits worn by the colorful singer over the years. If you consider yourself to be an extreme David Bowie fan, you’ll want to schedule your next holiday between March and June of 2013. Otherwise, chances are you’re going to miss out on a very unique event.

The exhibition, which has been titled David Bowie Is, will reportedly feature over 300 items from the musician’s storied career. At present, the exhibit will be available to the public at the Victoria and Albert Museum between March 23 and June 28. Fans who miss this collection might be kicking themselves in the backside for the next several decades.

Victoria Broackes, the co-curator of all these Bowie-oriented goodies, recently explained the concept of the exhibition to Reuters:

“It’s about a person who through their art, design and performance, I think, has affected the way we live now. It’s not designed as a retrospective. It’s designed in the present tense. So, we do look at themes within his career that come back and forth, but what we want, is when you leave the exhibition, you have a sense of how Bowie has changed your world and the fact that there are elements of what he has done all around you.”

The Hollywood Reports states that a number of iconic costumes will be on-display at next year’s exhibition. Included in the collection are several original Ziggy Stardust bodysuits, costumes for his Aladdin Sane and Thin White Duke, and a Union Jacket coat designed by Bowie and Alexander McQueen for 1997’s Earthling cover.

“David Bowie is a true icon, more relevant to popular culture now than ever,” Victoria and Albert Museum director Martin Roth explained. “[He is] a true icon, more relevant to popular culture now than ever.”

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