Two Samsung OLED Televisions Disappear On Their Way To Berlin

Two of Samsung Electronic’s new televisions that were scheduled to appear at a consumer show in Berlin allegedly went missing somewhere along the way, according to Reuters. The OLED (organic-light-emitting diodes) televisions are rumored to have disappeared sometime between August 21 and 28, though Samsung officials aren’t particularly sure of the exact date. To complicate matters further, the company can’t say for sure where, exactly, the TVs were when they vanished off the face of the planet.

However, if you planned your entire trip to the consumer electronics show around the appearance of Samsung’s new state-of-the-art television sets, Samsung wants you to know that there will be plenty of other gadgets to gawk at when you stop by their booth. Beyond that, the company has remained tight-lipped about the loss of their products.

“Upon Samsung’s request, the Korean and German authorities are currently conducting an investigation,” the company said in a statement. Although Samsung has declined to comment further on the case, the problem could be a bit more complicated than they’re letting on.

“Since these TVs are based on such cutting-edge technology owned by only a few firms, we can’t rule out the possibility that it was part of a crime aimed to steal it,” a source explained to NDTV.

What’s so special about Samsung’s new televisions? Here’s what the company had to say about the product in a recent press release:

The new OLED TV exudes futuristic beauty and a minimal design concept in both detail and structural innovation—fitting seamlessly into any living room. While powered on, the TV delivers a more immersive viewing experience thanks to superior picture quality, a super-slim bezel, and a minimalist design and even when powered off, the TV sits cleanly as a work of art amidst any living room décor.

Since Samsung has ballyhooed the OLED TVs as the next big time in television technology, the missing units could ultimately derail their plans to stay on top of the game. Although rumors are swirling that the missing TVs could have been a part of a industrial espionage plot, Samsung has not responded to these allegations.

Of course, Samsung isn’t the only company preparing to unleash OLED television sets upon the masses. LG Electronics are planning to roll out their own version of the technology by the end of 2012. Sony and Panasonic, meanwhile, are joining forces to deliver their very own OLED TV.