Roseanne Barr Tweets That Billionaires Are Violent Pedophiles, Cokeheads

Roseanne Barr made it clear that she intends to take on those in power with her unlikely run for president, but the comedienne took it a step further with recent Twitter posts.

The candidate made it clear that she doesn’t think too highly of billionaires, Democrats, or Republicans, calling all of them out in a series of posts, MSN reported.

As a candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party, Roseanne Barr hasn’t shied away from controversial statements. In an interview with The Daily Beast she claimed that America has been “bamboozled and hoodwinked” and that the government is “owned by bankers.”

“Vote for me. I’m not a liar. I’m not a thief. I’m not a whore,” Roseanne said. “And I’m not a politician. I think that uniquely qualifies me to become president of the U.S.”

Though most people know Roseanne Barr from her sitcom Roseanne, the 59-year-old star said her bid is anything but a joke. She has been a political activist for years, speaking out against the influence that lobbyists are able to buy and supporting working families and their causes.

In all, Roseanne said she hopes to offer Americans another option.

“There is no real third party in America,” she says. “There’s this one party that has two sides to it—the Democratic and Republican side. It’s one party that has two heads. We want to give voters a choice for people not owned by Wall Street.”

For Roseanne, the scandalous Twitter statements could be an attempt to gain attention to herself and her presidential run.

Roseanne Barr had initially campaigned for the Green Party nomination but lost out to Jill Stein, a Massachusetts physician who studied at Harvard University.