Man Fakes Death Before Proposing To Girlfriend

How do you tell if someone loves you? For Alexey Bykov, a 3-year-old man from Omsk, Russia, it all has to do with how they react when you die. So when Bykov decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Irena Kolokov, he thought it would be a good idea to fake his death to see if she really loved him.

The good news: Kolokov really does love Bykov and said yes to his marriage proposal. The bad news: Kolokov married someone who thought it would be a good idea to fake his own death before proposing.

According to The Sun, Bykov hired a movie director, some stuntmen, a few make-up artists and a script writer to help stage a fake car crash.

When Kolokov arrived on the scene she saw cars scattered all over and her future husband lying in a pile of blood on the road.

Kolokov said:

“We’d arranged to meet at a certain place but when I arrived there were mangled cars everywhere, ambulances, smoke, and carnage…. Then when I saw Alexy covered in blood lying in the road a paramedic told me he was dead and I just broke down in tears.”

Kolokov said that she was angry when she realized that it was a joke but agreed to marry Alexy anyway. Why? Well, according to the 30-year-old Russian man, Kolokov’s life would be meaningless without him…

Alexy said:

“I wanted her to realize how empty her life would be without me and how life would have no meaning without me. I think it worked but I promise it’s the last time.”

What do you think of this bizarre marriage proposal? Is it sweet? Or self-centered?