Study: People With Purple Beds Tend To Have More Sex

If you have a purple bed in your possession, then there’s a very strong possibility that you’re having much more sex than those who don’t, according to The Sideshow. In a recent study, it was discovered that purple is the most sexual color your can have in your bedroom. As a result, those with an affinity for the color are rumored to be engaging in much more carnal activities than those folks who prefer to darker colors.

After discussing their bedroom adventures with over 2,000 of its British customers, retailer Littlewoods discovered that those who purchased purple bedding and/or furniture generally had close to 3.49 sexual encounters per week. Not surprisingly, those folks who decided to coat their bedrooms in gray were only getting lucky an estimated 1.8 times. It would seem that Prince was really onto something back in the 80s.

The Sun reports that purple isn’t the only color that’s helping you get your groove on these days. Those individuals who prefer to have their homes decked out in red are probably having sex 3.2 times per week. If you’re a fan of white walls and white sheets, there’s a very strong possibility that you’re having sex at least twice every seven days. Beige fans are doing it about 1.97 times a week.

The study also revealed that the quality of your sheets also plays into how much action you’re likely to get on a weekly basis. Those folks who splurged on silk sheets are getting down to business a staggering 4.25 per week. If Littlewoods was hoping to increase their sales through the use of such research, they certainly went about it in the right way. Sales of purple silk sheets are likely to go through the room in the next few months.

Littlewoods style expert Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen believes that people should put a little more thought into the things they put in their bedroom. “I tell homeowners that a beige bedroom makes for a beige sex life, something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.”

Would you change the color of your bedroom if it improved your sex life?