Report: Michael Clarke Duncan’s Lack Of Oxygen Caused Death

While thespians and fans of Michael Clarke Duncan mourn the death of what some call “Hollywood’s gentle giant,” TMZ is further investigating the cause of Duncan’s death. It has been reported that the immediate cause of Michael Clarke Duncan’s death was due to lack of oxygen he received before his hospitalization on July 13.

On July 13, Michael Clarke Duncan suffered a massive heart attack, but was saved by fiance and “Apprentice” star Omarosa, who was able to restart his heart with CPR as she waited for an ambulance to arrive. However the five minutes without oxygen proved to be a significant loss of oxygen for Michael Clarke Duncan. It is said the loss was so large that it aided to his slow health decline once he was hospitalized.

Sources say his decline was “slow but steady” adding, “first it was a kidney problem, then the pancreas, then extremely high blood pressure, and so on, until his body just shut down.” It’s been reported that Omarosa spent most of her time with Duncan on Monday, but left shortly and when she returned he had passed away. Since the announcement of his death, fellow actors and fans have been in mourning, but no one more than his fiance who he planned to wed and start a family with in the near future.

At the time of his death Omarosa was allegedly told things were looking up in terms of Duncan’s health. Surely she took that as assurance that he would get better and they could start their life together. It is said that Omarosa is now in Forest Lawn making arrangements for Duncan’s funeral, and it was reported that she’s understandably “completely inconsolable.”