The Jeff Fisher Stache Bash: Rams Start NFL Season With Fake Mustache Promotion

The start of the NFL season is coming and that can only mean one thing: fake mustaches. When the St. Louis Rams host the Washington Redskins during their home opener on September 16th, fans will be given a fake mustache to celebrate the first (and hopefully annual) Jeff Fisher Stache Bash.

According to the Big Lead, Rams fans haven’t had much to celebrate lately. The team has only one 15 of its last 80 games. So it’s understandable that the Rams organization is resorting to minor league baseball promotions to draw up the excitement for its team.

The organization is hoping that the Jeff Fisher Stache Bash will give the rams an advantage on the field. And with thousands of people wearing fake mustaches, how could it not.

Here are some of the benefits that Rams fans may experience while donning some fraudulent lip hair.

  • It will instantly fire up the Rams.
  • It gives the wearer an enhanced ability to read defenses.
  • Has a magnetic attraction to ravioli.
  • And, when paired with sunglasses, gives a heightened cosiness factor.

jeff fisher

Do you think the St. Louis Rams will be inspired by a stadium filled with mustache-wearing fans? Do you hope this trend catches on?

Will we see a Bill Belichick hoodie night? A troy polamalu wig night? What do you think of the Jeff Fisher Stache Bash?