'Big Brother' Legend Dr. Will Kirby Steps Into Superhero Mode, Saves Two People At Movie Theater

Will Kirby has long been known as one of the greatest Big Brother players of all time, but now the reality TV legend can add "superhero" to his resume. Kirby's recent date night with his wife included a medical scare that had him springing into action to help save a life—not once, but twice.

According to TMZ, Will Kirby and his wife, Erin Brodie, were at Cinemark Playa Vista movie theater in Los Angeles watching the movie Blockers when the lights flashed on as patrons shouted for medical assistance or a man who was having a seizure in the front of the theater. Kirby, who is a board-certified dermatologist and osteopathic physician, reportedly helped to stabilize the man for 20 minutes until emergency personnel arrived to take him to the hospital. After the drama died down, Kirby received a standing ovation for his efforts and then continued to watch the second half of Blockers.

After the movie ended, Kirby was stopped again by theater workers to ask for assistance with another moviegoer—this time a female watching the horror flick A Quiet Place—who was also suffering a seizure. Kirby stabilized the second patient of the night, received an encore standing ovation, and went home with a stack of free movie passes from Cinemark.

Kirby told TMZ he was inspired by the support he received during the two medical scares. Dr. Will Kirby later took to Twitter to credit the EMS team, Cinemark management, and "hundreds of concerned moviegoers" who came together during the crisis.

Will Kirby was crowned the winner of Big Brother's second season back in 2001. Will later returned for the Big Brother All-Stars season where he delivered what is considered to be one of the show's most memorable speeches of all time before landing in fourth place. Dr. Will later told Us Weekly his chances of winning Big Brother again would be pretty slim if he were ever to return to compete on the show.

"I'm very good at math and statistically the chances of me winning again are very small," Kirby said of Big Brother in 2015. "Right now I can walk around and pretend that I'm the greatest reality contestant of all time, whether that's true or not is debatable. But if I go back I will almost definitely lose and as a result, I will have tainted my legacy."

While his playing days may be over, Will Kirby regularly returns to Big Brother as a moderator for the jury, most recently headlining the group discussion during last fall's Big Brother 19 finale. Kirby also hosted the cast's backyard interviews after the BB19 winner was crowned last September. Now, he may just want to spend more time in the movie theater—where he can save lives.

Check out the video below to see Dr. Will Kirby delivering what is considered to be one of the greatest Big Brother speeches of all time during the show's All-Stars season.

Big Brother returns to CBS this summer.