'The Big Bang Theory': Why A Live Audience Of Hundreds Is The Secret To Its Success

The Big Bang Theory is not only one of the most popular TV shows, but it is also brilliantly scripted. Chuck Lorre, the creator of the show, revealed that the show is shot in front of a live audience to study the audience's reactions, to enable the script to be fine-tuned before the episode goes to air.

According to Design & Trend, filming in front of a live audience helps to determine whether the jokes in the show will be popular with a larger number of viewers.

An audience of around 200 to 250 people is present in the studio during the filming of the show. The production of the show is vulnerable when shot in front of live audiences as there is no scope for editing or post-production special effects to make the show more appealing. Chuck Lorre spoke about how writers are in a better position to tweak the script and make it even more hilarious when they receive an honest response from the live audience.
"When we shoot in front of a live audience, when something's not working, when it's not generating a visceral laugh, we rewrite it. But we don't put it on television if it's not working in front of a live audience."
Apart from the comedy, there are other factors which determine how successful a sitcom like The Big Bang Theory will be. The characters in the show are the primary factor that determines the viewer ratings. Secondly, the jokes spoken by each of the characters play a key role in raising the popularity of the show. Ultimately, it is the terrific combination of the cast, the characters and the banter that will decide the interest level of the viewers.

And as the 10th season of The Big Bang Theory approaches, fans are already getting antsy to find out what is in store for the upcoming season. Enthusiastic fans are already in receipt of some of the highlights of Season 10. According to Christian Times, Bernadette, who is pregnant with Howard's child, will not deliver her baby yet.

Howard was initially thrilled to learn about Bernadette's pregnancy, but his excitement fizzled out when he became overwhelmed with fear that crippled his confidence of becoming a good dad, largely due to the fact that he was brought up solely by his mother in the absence of his father. However, producer and writer Steve Molaro revealed that they will not hurry up Bernadette's pregnancy, allowing Howard to progress towards fatherhood in a slow and gradual way. Molaro further divulged that Season 10 will also feature the wedding of Amy and Sheldon as the two take baby steps towards the real thing.And even though The Big Bang Theory has experienced continuous success since its premiere in 2007, fans are wondering if Season 10 will be the last installment of the show. Earlier, there were rumors that the upcoming season would be the last one. Additionally, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki's contracts will be ending after Season 10, so the progression to Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory will depend on the renewal of these contracts. However, renewing the contracts might not be a major hurdle as Kaly Cuoco has already hinted her willingness to carry on with the show. According to Christian Today, the actress has termed her stint on the show as a "sticky road" and it will be her goal to take the show beyond Season 10.

Co-stars like Jim Parsons are confident that Galecki and the rest of The Big Bang Theory's team will be keen on continuing to explore the development of their ever-popular characters. Moreover, Molaro has confirmed that the creators haven't planned for a season finale yet. With this affirmation, fans can rest assured that The Big Bang Theory will be around for at least one more season.

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]